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"Nice place, you've painted since I was here last" "Yes, and also bought new appliances! " She smiled her glowing, summery smile and nodded yes. Both were breathing faster and deeper, expending their sexual energy in their lusty sibling fuck. " Still blushing, she murmured "I guess; we aren't kids anymore! "No, we're two adults bent on learning to love each other to the best of our abilities! As they entered his apartment, Jim carrying her things, she looked around as she shrugged off her jacket. Jim grabbed her beautiful ass cheeks and moved her on him. She lay on him for a bit, still shivering in release. She lay so still, Jim thought she may have passed out.

"We've never seen the other naked, at least not for about 15 years! He then began removing her clothes, not stopping until she was naked. At the top of the stroke, she rose until only the crown was enclosed within her hot, wet, steamy cunt. " Jim gathered her into his arms and kissed her softly, lovingly, promising so much. She smiled into his face as she maneuvered her hairy pussy onto his cock. Both moaned their passion as she began sliding her pussy up and down the rigid pole of his cock. " Her turn to smile, "I left all the sleep wear at home, didn't I? "My Dear, there's quite an bunch of things he can do. " With that she turned him on his back and climbed aboard, straddling his torso. She bent and kissed his lips, a soft, wet lover's kiss. A lot was riding on this, but Jim was very confident of success, as he always was in tight circumstances. " "I am here with Susan, and some drunk guy is trying to pick me up! " "I have several times, but he is very persistent! " "I'm afraid for you; he is pretty big, and that guy in the red sweater is with him! " Jim turned to her and whispered "You're boyfriend, huh? " With that, he grabbed her, wrapped his arms about her, and gave her a deep, open mouth kiss, lasting 20 seconds or so. Jim turned to the girls and said, "Looks like we can spend the rest of the night partying! While this was going on, two bouncers saw the commotion and hurried over. " The bouncers picked them up and started for the door. "Ain't your girlfriend, Pal, I've marked this slut as mine! "Funny, I put my mark on her some time back, and I won't tolerate you doing the same! It was so much more than I had ever imagined, so much more than any other kiss I've ever received. "If I'm off base, tell me, but I read into them that you love me, as a sister, but also as a woman with whom you want to spend the rest of your life!

" He moved a few inches further back to give the illusion he might be getting cold feet. I must admit I've fantasized of being with you for a long time, but never dared make the first move." She was a very steady, don't-make-waves person. "When you kissed me tonight, I thought my toes would curl up to my ankles!

Jim's mother Sylvia, took one look, and before caring for his wounds, called her brother Bill. " Susan had been silent, but spoke up softly, "Julie, I have known for a long time that you favored Jim a lot, but kept out of it in deference to your privacy." Julie looked at her, "And now? "And I also think you should get a room and make up for the lost years! "No need, I have a nice queen bed made just for us!

Jim went home with two black eyes, a broken nose, numerous contusions and bruises, and a destroyed ego. " He smiled, "Why Sweetheart, the only thing I plan to pull is your panties down! "I never thought about my cry for help turning into this, but I guess it's for the better! He looked at Julie, who was staring into the night.

As Jim started toward her, she spied him and ran over. " Jim smiled, then picked her up and repeated the kiss, then kissed her neck and shoulder. Bill spent most of the summer teaching Jim how to avoid punches and blows, how to disarm an opponent, and how to manhandle guys quite larger than he. He let Julie into the middle of the bench seat, Susan on the outside.

" "Well...., he said if I didn't dance with him, he would force me to blow him, then he was going to fuck my tight ass! " He jumped into his 1984 Chevrolet pick up and sped the five miles to the club. He saw her near the dance floor with Susan, her back to a bulky guy who was glaring at her. Bill agreed on the spot to give Jim a bit of training to forestall future events like this. " He then repeated the hot kiss, sending his and Julie's hearts racing. " Without waiting for an answer, he walked with them out the door and to his truck. " It was famous far and wide for their gourmet pizza. Julie, without turning, asked, "What the hell just happened back there? "Well, let's see; I kissed my girlfriend, told her I loved her, and destroyed two visigoths attempting to sully her and her friend! Julie turned to him, "You kissed me like...a lover would!

The big guy set his drink on a table as Jim watched Red Sweater start to bring his right arm up. I've watched you grow and develop, and knew years ago I wanted to be with you.