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Elementary school dating

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Adam Lanza's older brother, now 24 and living in Hoboken, New Jersey, was being questioned, a law enforcement official said.He told authorities that his brother was believed to suffer from a personality disorder, the official said, speaking on condition of anonymity because he was not authorized to speak on the record about the unfolding investigation.

A custodian ran through the halls, warning of a gunman on the loose, and someone switched on the intercom, alerting people in the building to the attack - and perhaps saving many lives - by letting them hear the hysteria going on in the school office, a teacher said.She said she hadn't heard anything official about her daughter and grandsons. Olivia De Vivo, a student at the University of Connecticut who went to high school with Lanza, said that when it emerged that he was suspected of gunning down 20 small children - none of her classmates were surprised.At least one parent said Lanza's mother was a substitute teacher there. And the law enforcement official said investigators were unable to establish any connection so far between her and the school.He described the area as a subdivision of well-tended, 15-year-old homes on lots of an acre or more, where many people work at companies like General Electric, Pepsi and IBM. Charles Carl Roberts IV, 32, executes five Amish schoolgirls aged seven to 13 before killing himself, shaking the conservative community in Lancaster County to the core.Some are doctors, and his next-door neighbor is a bank CEO, said Kapur, a project manager at an information technology firm. The old schoolhouse was quickly torn down and a new one erected.According to media reports, one of the videos shows the woman having sex with an underage boy, while the other shows her having sex with the same boy as well as another boy.

Sundanese — the native language for the majority of West Javans — was spoken in both videos, prompting the West Java Police to take the lead in the investigation.

At the meeting, Milas said, Adam Lanza's brother Ryan said a few words in support of the adviser, who he said had taken his brother under his wing.

Lanza and his mother, Nancy, lived in a well-to-do part of Newtown, a prosperous community of 27,000 people about 60 miles northeast of New York City.

Ryan Lanza had been extremely cooperative and was not under arrest or in custody, but investigators were still searching his computers and phone records.

He told law enforcement he had not been in touch with his brother since about 2010.

Student Seung Hui Cho, 23, killed two stuidents in a dorm and then went through building of classrooms armed with two handguns, shooting at random before killing himself. Mitchell Johnson, 10, and Andrew Golden, 8, took seven guns to school and pulled the fire alarm and shot students as they headed for the exits. The pair were sent to a juvenile detention center and released in 2005.