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This girl does NOT love you and the chances are that you are being set up.They’ll get pictures and praise and compliments on Facebook. Apparently there are men who enjoy this; I am not sure what their reward might be. A kiss should be soft, a little moist, yielding, full of warmth and lingering.They might never meet the girl — indeed it is unlikely — because this is a straight business arrangement and these girls are not prostitutes. She should be breathing a little heavily and be dewy-eyed after it, and it should make you want to do it again immediately.If she thinks you’re really on the hook it might be a bit more, but it won’t be enough to set your alarm bells off. What you don’t know is that she has another five, ten, twenty, maybe even thirty guys she’s playing the exact same game with.So you log into Western Union or your preferred money transfer site and fire over the cash. She might even send you a picture of whatever she bought. All hunky dory and of course, you are encouraged to send again, because it was very little money and she made you feel really good. Just 20-40 bucks a week, but if you have 20 guys on the hook, that’s a good salary — for sitting all day texting men.Plus, 20 dollars goes a long way in the Phils or Thailand. But inside a whore’s head a connection gets formed between sex and money.

Many girls in the former earn less than that a week, if they’re working. If you have a relationship with a whore, then she will always want money.

Now it is true that Filipinas in particular will unashamedly ask for gifts on a special occasion, but what is meant, in the broader culture, is a bunch of flowers, a box of chocolates or something of similar value, say 5 dollars. If she tells you she needs something more expensive, beware!!

To ask for an expensive present would be frowned on in her culture. Like most men who’ve lived full lives, I’ve sampled their wares and never been disappointed; and frankly I think that if politicians and lawyers had half the moral standards of your average whore, the world would be a better place.

Well, not all ladyboys, aka transsexuals, are so nice. If you are communicating with her online — a common way for the Ladyboy Trap to operate — she will always be online when she says she will.

OK, if she claims it’s her birthday, send her 20 dollars for a cake — that will buy a hell of a cake in Thailand or the Philippines. Any such gifts should come as surprises and not be asked for.

We’re talking about sex crazy, man-obsessed homosexual males who live as women. They’ll shower with you and wash you and, in all likelihood, provide a nice little BJ while doing so. Far ahead of the field, numerically at least, is the Gold Digger. She will tell you how wonderful you are all the time and she may very quickly start using the ‘L’ word — love.