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Flu and cold sufferers are discouraged to donate to prevent a disease from transmitting through the blood.The winter and snow season often disrupts people from traveling for a donation.

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The major part of the new stadium plan will be the traffic in that area and so the school district conduct...For more than a decade, the non-profit Thrive has hosted the Girls for a Change Summit, an event that invites young women from across the state for a day of knowledge and empowerment, with a different theme each year.More than 100 girls from grades eight through 12 gathered at Montana State University’s Strand Union building, and ...The Red Cross still urges donors to donate if they are free of illness and can safely do so. Supporters of the state’s expanded Medicaid coverage for 91,000 Montanans, set to expire in mid-2019 unless the Legislature extends it, are mulling whether to run a voter initiative this year to extend the program, MTN News has learned.Heading into the weekend the biggest concern for SW Montana will be the bitter cold temperatures especially during the morning as wind chills will likely dip below zero Saturday.“It just feels like it’s an iconic part of the library.

It’s in every picture we have of the library, so when we found out someone was interested i...

The American red cross reports a drop in blood donations the organization says that donation drops are common for this time of year for the state.

The active flu and winter season are the main culprits.

City Commissioners will be reviewing the plans for the new high school stadium, next Monday.

The school district and the city commissioners have an agreement that any plans must be reviewed by the city before the school district begins work.

The program encourages girls from grades 8th-12th grade to attend and will offer multiple workshops that the girls can choose from and speakers that will be presenting throughout the day.