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Sex video chat without registr-26

If the User has neglected exact, correct and full indication of the registration information, the Company gives no guarantees when the User applies to restore his password. The User has no right to reproduce, copy and duplicate, sell and resell, and use any parts of the Company Services for any commercial purposes (including all the audio-visual, text and other materials available for the User by means of the Services) or access to them, except the cases when the User has got a corresponding permission from the Company or when it is contemplated but the terms of use of any Service. The Company reserves the right to block or remove the User`s account and deny access with the use of any account to certain Services, their separate features, tools and services and remove any materials without explaining the reason, including the case of User violation of these Terms or provisions of the other documents, contemplated by the clause 1.3. The User is solely responsible for the compliance of the content of the posted materials (audio-visual, text etc.) with the requirements of the current legislation, including the responsibility to third parties in cases, when posting of one or another material by the User or the content of these materials violates the rights and legitimate interests of the third parties, including personal non-pecuniary authors` rights, other intellectual rights of the third parties and / or infringes upon non-material goods not belonging to him. The User acknowledges and agrees that the Company is not obliged to monitor the materials of any kind posted and/ or spread by the User by means of the Company Services and that the Company reserves the right (but has no obligation) to refuse the User at its discretion in posting and / or spreading of the materials or remove any materials which are available by means of the Company Services.of these Terms and also in case of not using by the User his account during more than 12 months. The User realizes and agrees that he shall solely estimate all the risks connected with the use of materials, including reliability, fullness or utility estimation of these materials. The User acknowledges and agrees that the Services work technology may require copying (reproducing) of the Users` materials by the Company and their processing by the Company for the compliance with the technical requirements of one or another Service. The User agrees that uploading any materials within the use of the Service the User gives access to them to the other registered Users by default.

to gain and save other individuals` personal data illegally; 10.An user is not right to produce to claim of Company and / or employees of Company and/or affiliates of Company in accordance with this point. Under any circumstances the Company`s combined responsibility within carrying out its obligations according to these Terms limited to 150 (one hundred fifty) US dollars and it is made responsible if the Company`s activity appears guilty. Considering the Services are open for general access, the Company is not responsible for any materials posted by the Users and for any conduct of the Users that use the Services in the "online" mode as well as out of the Internet ("offline"). The cost of one unit of the rights for the use of additional functional of the Services amounts in the sum indicated at the account recharging page of the User.The cost amount may be changed by the Company unilaterally at any time without prior informing of the User. The User reserves the right to use additional functional of the Services freely exchanging the received units for the rights for the possibility to use certain functions of the Services and / or tools and services belonging to the additional functional according to the internal rate of the Services, information about which are posted directly in the sections of the Services devoted to these certain functions or tools and services. The User is aware that using additional functional of the Services the access to the additional functional at the rate of units for the rights may be ceased in compliance with current Terms as a result of their consuming or for some other reasons and it does not give the User a reason to demand money refund paid for the right to use this additional functional of the use abusive, immoral expressions in relation to the employees of the technical support service of the Services; violate the norms of the current legislation in some other way; 8.pose as another person or organization and / or community representative without sufficient rights for that, and use any other forms and ways of illegal representation of other individuals on the Internet, and mislead the users or the Company according to the features and characteristics of any subjects or objects; 4.

entitled to the registration of multiple accounts, one User (cloning).

of the Terms, which contradict the User`s opinion, he is obliged to stop using the Company Services. By using the Services, User hereby confirms that he is 16 years old and that he has the right to accept these Terms and Conditions. The Company reserves the right to forbid the use of certain logins and to set requirements to login and password (length, allowed symbols etc.). The User solely provides confidentiality of his password and is solely responsible for all the actions (and their consequences) within or with the use of the Services under his account, including the cases of freewill sharing of his account access data to third parties.

Hereby all the actions within or with the use of the Services under User`s account are considered to be carried out solely by the User, with the exception of the cases when the User has informed the Company in the order, contemplated by the paragraph 2.7.

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The User agrees that the sufficient argument of the violation of the Terms by the User is the presence of the circumstances and any materials (screenshots, Users` applications etc.) that in the Company`s and/or employees` of the technical support service of the Services opinion are sufficient for determination of the violation of the Terms by the User.