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It means “For ourselves alone.” Six-Point Stance This is used by the Folks. Six Principles of King David This stands for Life, Loyalty, Knowledge, Wisdom, Understanding, and Love.A posture displayed to show life (head) Love (right shoulder), Understanding (left hand on top of arms crossed) and Wisdom (heel of feet). Slippin’ Gang member who lets his/her guard down Slob See Sloob Sloob Used by the Crips. SOS Smash On Sight SOS Shoot On Sight Soviet Mafia The Russian equivalent to the Italian Mafia.

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Crip In Peace C/ A Nuestra Familia Gang member CCN Crazy Crip Nation Catch a Play Drug Deal Christina Aguilera Powder Cocaine (soft white girl) CK Crip Killer Code Red Enemey Alert…Blood Up Its Time To Go To War. – N – NBG Neighborhood Based Gang Nation Fellow gang members viewed as a whole.SH Skin Heads Shamrock This is a common tattoo for Aryan Brotherhood members. Sinn Fein This is the political arm of the Irish Republican Army.Each leaf may have a six (6) in it to represent 666. It is responsible for obtaining political and financial support for their cause.Balivia – Mega Pack (MDH)Gender: female Age: 26 Marital Status: single Sexual orientation: Bi ZIP code/Country: 13*** / Germany Spoken Languages: German Height: 1.64 m Hair Color: Black Cup size: 75 c Profession: Schülerin Anna Anal24 – Mega Pack (MDH)First name / Nickname: Anna Gender: female Age: 34 Marital Status: single Sexual orientation: Bi ZIP code / Country: 20*** / Germany Spoken Languages: English German Height: 1.69 m Hair Color: Brown Cup size: 75 d Profession: bitch 😛 Amateurs Raw – Site Rip Everything has a beginning, and porn is no different.Names become familiar, bodies are lusted after, and they all had to have the one place to make their erotic entrance. Kymberlee Anne – Mega Pack Date of Birth: November 21, 1994 (22 years old) Place of Birth: Miami Country of Origin: United States Career Status: Retired Eye Color: Brown Hair Color: Black Measurements: 34C-25-36 Fake Boobs: No Piercings: Tongue; ears; nose Tattoos: Left ankle Erica Lightspeed – Mega Pack Date of Birth: April 22, 1985 (31 years old) Country of Origin: Czech Republic Career Status: Active Eye Color: Green Hair Color: Blonde Measurements: 34A-25-35 Fake Boobs: No Piercings: Navel Tattoos: Seahorse on right shoulder blade New Sex Generation – Mega Pack (MDH)Mydirtyhobby is the world’s biggest community for private erotica made at home.Spider Webs This tattoo is used by the White Supremacy. Star Used by the Folk and People Nations and the gangs within their respective nations. As the sunrises and shines light the truth increases and sheds light. SUR Short for Surenos Surenos Spanish word for south. It consists of a cross with equal length legs, all of which are bent clockwise. Switzerland Spot Having a neutral spot to negotiate issues between STG gangs. The Nation’s life and death struggle and it’s fight to survive at any cost.

This tattoo is supposed to indicate that the person has committed a homicide or at least assaulted someone so severely as to cause great bodily injury. Folk (6-Points) People (5-Points) Strapped Carrying a gun Street Code A set of rules accepted by gang members. – T – Taco Bell This is used by the Bloods and stands for Take All Crips Out – Bloods Eventually Live Longer.

Three Dots A three-dot tattoo that stands for Mi Vida Loca or My Crazy Life. United Blood Line A prison gang to unite all Bloods.

The tattoo can be in a straight line, a circle or triangle formation. United Blood Nation Ultimate Solution, The Hitler’s plan and belief that the best way to deal with Jews, Blacks, and other minorities through genocide. United Blood Nation A consolidation of all Blood sets in jail and prison.

Keisha Grey – Mega Pack Grey was born in Tampa Florida on June 9, 1994.

She is 5’2 and 114 lbs with a great pair of naturally large 32DD boobs.

Understanding Gang Culture in America With all the symbols, slang and codes things can certainly get confusing. Imagine, for instance, you see that your daughter is dating a man with an apparently harmless Jewish star of David tattoo on his arm. – K – Kiss A term where the Black Guerilla Family has issued a death warrant on a person. Peckerwood A white racist person Pee Wee A young gang member usually between 9 to 12 years old Pentagram A five pointed star, (point up), in a circle. Now all gang members from Compton are Piru, all others are Bloods. PPDSPEMFOBBT Pill Popping, Dope Smoking, P**** Eating, “Mother Fucking” Outlaws Brothers Biken Together Prince of Darkness Satan PTB Pure Tango Blast Pyramid People. The corners represent mental, physical, and spiritual knowledge – Q – Queen A female gang member Quoted A gang initiation.