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“She engaged in all kinds of various sexual misconduct,” Hurt’s attorney, Joe Cecala, told the station.

Murad was captured, enslaved, sold, raped and tortured alongside thousands of her people in an effort to decimate their religion. Murad, 24, managed a miraculous escape and is now a Nobel Peace Prize nominee fighting for freedom and justice for her people.Murad refused to tell her three surviving brothers the details of her ordeal, knowing it would torment them to think of their wives, still in captivity, being raped. When I dreamed, it was always about being returned to ISIS and having to escape again.” At the refugee camp, Murad told a few reporters her story.When Murad Ismael, the executive director of Yazda, a Yazidi advocacy group, was looking for a refugee to tell her story to the UN Security Council, he asked Murad and she agreed.Illinois State Police launched an investigation into the allegations, WGN-TV reported.Nadia Murad grew up dreaming of owning a beauty salon.An Illinois social worker seduced and kept a 24-year-old patient as a sex slave at a mental institution, according to a federal lawsuit.

Ben Hurt, 24, took legal action Thursday against one of his former social workers, 53-year-old Christy Lenhardt, who he said sexually abused him for three years at Elgin Mental Health Center, news station WBBM reported.

“What they did to my son was wrong.” Hurt, who was released from facility, also sued two other psychiatrists and the center’s director for allegedly ignoring the abuse.

Lenhardt was fired from the center in July but has not been charged with a crime.

Over the next week, she was passed to six other men who raped and beat her, before being given to one who planned on taking her to Syria. Left alone for the first time in two weeks, she impulsively tried the front door. But Murad gave it one last shove and “nearly fell over when it swung open.” Her captor had, for reasons unknown, left it unlocked. Dressed in the abaya, with her face covered like other Muslim women, she wasn’t an obvious target, although she was shaking and could barely breathe she was so terrified. When she arrived at the outskirts of town, the poorer section, she felt slightly calmer.

“If any Sunni in Mosul was going to help me, it was most likely to be a poor Sunni, maybe a family who had stayed only because they didn’t have the money to leave,” she reasoned.

Murad was ripped away from her mother, whom she would never see again. Instead, she made a pact with her two older sisters, Dimal and Adke. “His eyes were sunk deep into the flesh of his wide face… Murad was registered as a slave — complete with a photo ID that would be dispersed among the fighters if she were to run away — and taken to the home of her new owner, a high-ranking ISIS judge named Hajji Salman. At Hajji Salman’s, I could barely stand to look at myself in the mirror.