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The band has a strong relationship with Much Music from their time on the glorified gong show Disband.For most bands, their time on the show climaxes with the judges squashing their musical hopes forever, but AAS managed to parlay their appearance into a record deal with star making indie label Underground Operations as well as extra financial backing from the biggest label in Canada, Universal.

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Bright mind: Joshua was always interested in computers and learned quickly, and by the age of eight he had moved on from Lego, toy cars and train sets to fixing his primary school teachers’ laptops and mobiles Do Not uk — a name his mother suggested — allows motorists to pick one of 12 reasons of defence, then enter the relevant details and send a custom-generated appeal created by the website’s algorithm to the council in question.‘It’s amazing to have helped so many people because when I set up the site I wasn’t sure if it was worth it if maybe only a few friends used it,’ says Joshua, who is studying economics and computer science at Stanford University in California.The compensation is usually paid through vouchers and can only be claimed for journeys within the previous 28 days.Bailiffs may take luxury items, such as a TV, but must avoid other peoples’ belongings, work tools and ‘essentials’ (such as a fridge).Underground putting their resources behind a burgeoning metal band isn’t newsworthy, but the band is certainly a bizarre choice for Universal.Traditionally, major labels in Canada have shied away from niche bands, but Dan Hand, assistant manager at Underground, notes that “the people at Universal 100 per cent support the band.The drinking section had to be reduced to make room for the under-19 market the band has cornered.

As AAS (as they are known to their fans) hit the stage, the over-capacity crowd is fist-pumping in unison — without the slightest bit of irony — chanting the band’s intro hook louder than the six guys on stage possibly could.

‘One of the reasons I built the site is because it was embarrassing asking my parents for money to pay my parking tickets.’‘I’m really good with computers and a big legal nerd, so I like to look at all these documents and there is so much information out there online,’ says Joshua, who says he received 30 tickets in nine months and found out more about parking penalties thanks to inquiries made by others under the Freedom of Information Act.‘I’m not trying to encourage illegal parking, but if you look at the statistics, around half of all parking tickets are appealed and I think a lot of these penalties are issued incorrectly,’ says Joshua.‘That’s why this is a free service. I just don’t think councils should be unfairly — and in some cases illegally — penalising those who don’t have the time, legal knowledge or energy to appeal.‘I won’t make any money from it because it’s a public service. There is so much wrong-doing and that to me is a terrible shame.

If only people knew what to do about it and exercise their rights.‘My great-grandfather, Earl Browder, ran for the President of the United States against Roosevelt in 1936.

With an Italian-Canadian population of almost 500,000 in the GTA, the Golden Horsheshoe scene that has produced some of screamo’s most successful acts (most notably Alexisonfire and Silverstein), it’s hard to imagine them coming from anywhere else.

As the band hits the stage, vocalist Angelo Aita is charismatic.

I survey the crowd and there isn’t a juicehead or a “Situation” anywhere. Abandon All Ships are at the right place, at the right time.