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Galaxy angel dating game

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After defeating the automated fleet, the Angels lead Tact to the a nearby asteroid belt, where the Elle Ciel is hiding along with Mint Blancmanche's Trick Master and Vanilla H's Harvester.On board the Elle Ciel, Tact and Lester are greeted by their old academy instructor, Luft Weizen.

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The newcomers turn out to be the Emblem Frames Lucky Star, Kung-fu Fighter and Happy Trigger, piloted by Milfeulle Sakuraba, Ranpha Franboise and Forte Stollen respectively.After the Elle Ciel escapes, Tact eavesdrops on the Angels having a conversation about him as a commander, each Angel having different opinions about whether or not he will be a worthy one.More specifically, Milfeulle's reaction to Tact is the most positive among the Angels; she happily endorses Tact and thinks he will be a great commander.Here he sees a demonstration of Milfeulle's supernatural good luck firsthand as he witnesses her win a lottery prize in the Elle Ciel's convenience store.Milfeulle proceeds to give Tact a grand tour of the ship while introducing him to the other Angels. With Eonia's net closing around the Elle Ciel quickly, Luft takes the Criom system fleet as a decoy to lure Eonia's forces away, allowing the Elle Ciel to escape undetected.Tact can accept quickly (impressing Ranpha, Forte and Vanilla), or only yield after pressure from Luft (impressing Mint and Milfeulle).

Subsequently, the Elsior is attacked by an automated fleet commanded by Rezon Mayzon, a Transbaal general who defected to Eonia's coup. Shiva, unaware of the broken state of the Imperial forces, orders Tact to return to Transbaal immediately.

Tendrás que ir mejorando los personajes y hacer que consigas citas que lleguen a buen puerto.

Deberás elegir entre varias opciones y así el juego irá avanzando. Tienes que adornar la tarta como más te guste, puedes ponerle fresas, guindas, velas y algun adornito bonito.

Ahora podrás jugar con unos de los personajes de animación más vistos por los pequeños de la casa de las series de tv.

Podrás jugar con Naruto a este juego de citas en el que te moverás en el gran mundo de Naruto.

Everyone is surprised at the Angels' arrival, and wonders what they are doing there.