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Natalie appleton dating

28 marca 1996 ożenił się z amerykańską aktorką Angeliną Jolie.

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Sean supports both Violet and Jamie when Violet ends their relationship.Violet Wilson (Jenny Platt), Sean's close friend, moves to the Street and begins dating Jamie Baldwin (Rupert Hill), who Sean also becomes close to.When Jamie seems to be losing interest in Violet she fears he is secretly gay, she asks Sean to spend time with him to see if he can find out — unaware that Sean has fallen for Jamie himself.When Violet suffers an ectopic pregnancy she is told her chances of conceiving have been reduced.Violet then becomes desperate to have a baby and suggests she and Sean should consider having a child together.Sean Paul Dillon Tully is introduced as a gay colleague of Martin Platt (Sean Wilson) and Karl Foster (Chris Finch).

Some months after his first appearance Sean comes to Coronation Street, desperately looking for somewhere to live.

Sean suggests calling him "Dylan Wilson-Tully" and asks Violet to put his name on the birth certificate.

Violet ignores both suggestions, naming her son "Dylan James Wilson" and putting Jamie's name on the birth certificate.

Sean agrees and, despite her fertility issues, Violet becomes pregnant via self-administered artificial insemination (after the two try and fail to have sex).

Sean accompanies Violet to her 12-week scan, where he becomes attracted to the sonographer, Marcus Dent (Charlie Condou).

Sean Tully is a fictional character from the British ITV soap opera, Coronation Street.