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Updating wow trial account

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The Starter Edition will give an detailed insight of the beginning stages of the game, and will help you conclude whether to purchase the game.As of Patch 6.2, lapsed accounts may use their Battle Tag from their Friends List.

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You can, of course, create more trial accounts that have the same limitations, but you'd have to upgrade those ones too to get the full range of gameplay.I did do some research, and came across this form the Blizzard FAQ: "Please note that if a World of Warcraft trial account was previously upgraded to a paid account, it will not revert back to a trial account, even if the paid time is expired." However, that FAQ page has some other information about Starter Edition accounts that from my experiences is completely wrong, and that portion is the only section that says "trial account" instead of "Starter Edition", so I'm not sure if its up to date. No Once you account status goes to "Frozen" (expired) you can't go pass the main menu so it doesn't matter if you are under lvl 20 when you cant select that particular character.What you can do is have 2 Wo W accounts (not accounts), one is "frozen" and the other is "starter", you will need to create new characters but its purpose is to check updates and chat with people.Players that like what they see can purchase the game and the Burning Crusade expansion (which increases the level cap to 70, opens Outlands, and unlocks the Blood Elf and Draenei races) for only 20 bucks.In addition, anyone that currently owns the original game, but did not have the Burning Crusade expansion, now has that expansion automatically added to their accounts for free. Will you play around in the new endless trial mode? Blizzard announced today that they're completely revamping their trial account system .

There will likely be some restrictions on the accounts to prevent spammers from abusing them, but those details have not been outlined yet.

Update: Blizzard has released a full FAQ on the new system, which details (among other things) the restrictions on the trial accounts.

It looks like our pie-in-the-sky dreams of building a guild full of level 19 Pv P twinks on free trial accounts might be out of our

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World of Warcraft Starter Edition is a digital download replacement for the 10-day Free Trial.

I've currently got a Wo W account that's in "Starter Edition" (or whatever it is they call the free neverending trial, that seems to be the name they use).