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Dating a guy with lots of female friends

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The activities we choose at this time often become the centers of our social spheres.

Meeting guys without an “in” is almost harder than meeting girls (which is tough enough as it is). For some reason, in our society, walking up to a guy and doing something similar with a friendship being the only desired outcome seems strange and bizarre.”Is this a real barrier in our society? But as you explore it further, you realize it’s a false barrier: there are no disastrous consequences when you go talk to a random guy. But pretty soon, when he realizes you’re not hitting on him or trying to ask him for money, you both relax and try to enjoy the conversation.Part of it seems to be the way we grow up: as we hit puberty and we begin to develop as men, we try to avoid any notion of being “feminine”—which often means trying to appear stronger and less vulnerable.During our adolescence and through the great social experiment we call “high school,” we struggle with afflictions like acne, the sudden desire to be noticed by potential love interests, and the scary realization that we’re going to be adults soon.That’s difficult with things to do around the house and children.Not to mention if you spend more time with your buddy than your wife or girlfriend thinks is appropriate then they think that you are neglecting them.Prolonged loneliness can have serious consequences for cognition, emotion, behavior, and health—and may even speed up physiological aging.

It’s hard to say why guy’s aren’t great at making friends with other men.

But the friendship I share with my OLD BUDS is significantly stronger.

So, it’s not that I’m not GOOD at making new friends, I just prefer not to.”For some men, there’s a sense of starting to really know who they are as they get older—getting clearer about their values and the things they want (and don’t want) in life.

Many guys are happy to maintain a few strong connections with men they’ve met in high school or college—and they don’t feel the need for much more socialization beyond that and their family.

I am good at making acquaintances with NEW guys that I meet. But on a weekend, I’d rather work in my yard all day and relax by the grill in the evening than hang with any “NEW” friend.

Men are generally pretty bad at making friends—at least with other guys.