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This could be the case in a fraud where criminals intercept email conversations between a consumer and a professional they are due to pay – such as a solicitor or builder.

As a result, some customers are being given new bank details, mainly sort codes.For example, Barclays has informed its customers that from April ordinary counter services will not be available to UK customers in ‘crown dependency’ branches – in Jersey, Guernsey or the Isle of Man.Given these branches are technically located outside the UK they will not be part of the new ring-fenced bank.She says: ‘During this period of ring-fencing it is incredibly important you remain vigilant to banking and online account scams.Fraudsters are likely to make the most of the banking upheaval.’The Financial Conduct Authority says all bank customers should ‘be alert to the possibility of fraud’ while banks are warning customers via letters and online banking alerts.Though the ring-fencing excuse is new, the underlying nature of the fraud is familiar.

It usually includes a request to move money into a different account, or to reveal key account details such as a PIN.

Anyone affected will be contacted by their bank directly.

The changes, while subtle and of little interest to most customers, could make some bank scams appear legitimate.

This includes assigning new sort codes or account numbers for up to a million customers.

These moves could inadvertently trigger a spate of scams, and banks themselves will need to be on high alert for cyber attacks as they handle large amounts of data during the overhaul.

Rachel Almeida is spokeswoman for Victim Support, a charity that looks after victims of all types of crime.