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Pushing Bruno down on the couch, Ryan pulls down Bruno’s pants and dives face first into his round, firm ass.As Ryan grinds his beard into Bruno’s crack, Bruno helps by fingering his asshole with Ryan’s spit.

STATE OF AROUSAL: Colton Grey fucks Bruno Bernal Their tongues intertwined, Colton Grey and Bruno Bernal let go of their inhibitions and submit to the pull of their heightened sexual arousal.As he works his spit into Bruno’s hole, he tugs on Bruno’s balls to increase the sensations.With Bruno’s hole lubed up, it’s time for them to raise the stakes.Laying flat on his back, Bruno puts a leg in the air as Jeff pile-drives his cock into Bruno’s hole.As Jeff picks up speed, Bruno strokes his cock until he ejaculates with a burst of cum across his hard abs.The veins in Jeff’s cock stand out as Bruno gets it wet with spit.

With Jeff seated in a sturdy chair, Bruno lowers himself down on Jeff’s cock, using his thick legs to go for an intense ride.

When Ryan comes over to ask Bruno what he’s looking for, it’s clear that what Bruno really wants is Ryan.

As they make out, Bruno unbuttons Ryan’s jeans and grasps Ryan’s thick cock.

Bruno coats Ryan’s cock in a thick layer of spit, prepping to feel it inside him.

When Ryan lies down on the ground, Bruno sits down on his cock.

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