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Internet dating 2016 trailer

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Price and writer/producer Kelly Morr sought out to do with their 2015 debut feature film, centers around a team of programmers, working diligently to prepare their revolutionary new dating app, "Other Halves", for its next-day release.This app sets itself apart from all other dating apps on the market by pairing people together based on an analysis of their entire internet history.

Don’t get me wrong, the idea of technology causing seriously negative psychological effects on the human brain is one that I’m particularly fond of.As the night goes on, the programmers (who we learn are also long-time friends) discover a bug in the app’s code which, upon loading, causes the user’s full internet history to be displayed in rapid succession, on the screen of their device.The result of this odd glitch is, instead of finding the user’s “other half” in another individual, the app brings out a side of the user that is both depraved and murderous.She brings a level of personality and realism to a character who might have easily fallen victim to the film’s often underwhelming and unnatural-feeling dialogue.There are more than a few moments where the progression of the film’s fragmented narrative tends to get lost by the characters’ delivery of technical exposition and overuse of quips. The film offers up some rather impressive and visually striking shots.Price also utilizes neat digital tricks, which he and co-writer Morr refer to as “codebrain”, to give scenes a trippy, sci-fi feel, while illustrating to the viewer that a particular character is losing their grip on reality.

He also employs the use of text message bubbles to show conversations taking place between characters.

Netflix has said that the episode will be released by the end of the year.

Indie-horror movies seem to be not only growing in number, but also rising with respect to their all-around quality.

A device tells them that their time together has an “expiry date” of 12 hours.

The episode is directed by Tim Van Patten, who has also directed episodes from Broadwalk Empire and Game of Thrones.

Episodes are standalone, psychological thriller ‘mini-movies’ concerning technology and how it might affect us in the future.