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Os x weather widget not updating

I add a widget that is supposed to display local weather info, but all I'm getting is "Unknown" and question marks where the weather conditions and temp should be displayed. However, the stock clock/weather widgets are updating just fine, so I don't think it's a phone issue, but something with Zooper. I've done probably 3 or 4 resets of my phone over the 2 years I've had it and never come across this problem, but I guess it's possible that there's a very simple step that I'm forgetting about. (I tried adding a few screenshots but I guess I'm not able to add external links until I've posted 10x. ) I have recently noticed that when I set location in Zooper widget, only works now for weather information. I'm guessing it's because I'm using a newer phone than previously and it's not supported.

Last time, both normal and pro versions were updated in 2015.Similar issue with the elements widget on i Pad, so obviously one thing has unsuitable in i OS 11 which is inflicting it to not paintings correctly.Some customers say that climate widget is refreshing sporadically or randomly.Scroll down to “Weather” and flip the switch to “On”.You may also want to enable this for any other apps you want to use with cellular data. This ensures the Weather app knows where you are and updates accordingly.Below are some fixes that you just will have to attempt to repair the “Weather widget replace issue ios11” issue.

After this article was published, Apple told Dave Choffnes that his i Phone app, designed to detect net neutrality violations, will be allowed in the i Tunes App Store.

If the weather app isn’t displaying up-to-date results, it may because it isn’t allowed to use mobile data.

This is meant to save on data if you’re on a mobile plan with a data cap.

It's not often I choose a widget with weather info and location but today I did. Plus the fact that Zooper isn't get updated by the developers.

Before I used to use Open Weather map and the weather used to show up fine for the given location.

But if you try to refresh that later, when you’ve left the house, it won’t show up-to-date information.