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Dating brooks brothers labels

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Now usually I'm not one to go full blast vintage, preferring instead to mix older pieces with well made modern things, but in this case the combination picked itself.The United States led a clothing revolution in the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries in which clothes went from being individually made to being mass produced and from class display to democratic dress.

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Known as Sack Suit Model #1 from that day to this, the coat had a four-button, single-breasted front, narrow lapels, center vent, and little padding in chest and shoulders, and was accompanied by narrow, flat-front trousers.It was a decidedly understated silhouette and quickly became the look of choice for the Eastern establishment.Another innovation was to incorporate a Boys' Department" (a "University Shop came later), so that parents could educate their sons in the proper appearance. There was a time when you could tell a guy was wearing Brooks Brothers from half a block down the street.A certain combination of subtle but distinct details in cut, styling and fit was a clear signal.As good as Tommy Hilfiger or Lauren, better than Eagle, definitely better than Van Heusen (which owns Tommy Hilfiger and several other brands by the way), but not quite on par with regular Brooks Brothers or J. I have a couple that have been given to me as gifts by people who see "Brooks Brothers" on the label and assume it's all the same.

They're fine for wearing to the office on a day when you're in a hurry and you're just throwing stuff on.

Brooks Brothers advertised its ready-wear clothing to the "California trade" and reaped profits for its own expansion.

As Manhattan's business district began to move northward along Broadway, Brooks opened a new store, a large four-story building at Broadway and Grand Street in 1858, which moved to South Union Square in 1869.

For those who don't know, the 346 line is basically the outlet store line.

I would say the quality is equal to the brands you'd find at a typical mall store like Macy's.

"Ready-to-wear placed gentlemanliness within the reach of men who once inhabited the outer reaches of society, enabling them to subscribe to its tenets and tout its virtues" (Joselit, p. The invention of the inch tape measure early in the century allowed for standardized patterns. As Brooks Brothers was both maker and merchant, it was able to take advantage of these inventions.