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Gucci crew dating game lyrics

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Rumors circulated that Jeezy didn't like Gucci, even when the two would unite for "So Icy." "When Jeezy decided it was ' Fuck Gucci,' a lot of dick riders seemed to fall in line out of fear of going against him and the crew he was running with," Gucci writes.

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In reading his memoir, you can't help but feel like it's the saga of the "old Gucci," a person we now barely recognize amidst his current iteration.Though even when the two declared a truce once younger guys like Waka Flocka, the late Slim Dunkin, and Slick Pulla started beefing, hard feelings would surface again surrounding "Trap Or Die 2." Per Gucci, the track was sent to him by Jeezy to add a verse."He pitched it like I'd just taken it upon myself to remix his song," Gucci says.When he first met Migos, he gave the guys gold chains off his own neck. "The first thing I noticed about these boys was that they had on a bunch of fake-ass jewelry," he writes.Then there was the time he used someone else's mansion in the midst of an LRG shoot to film his "Fuck Da World" video with Future (who coincidentally almost signed to Gucci's label).He stayed in the hospital, "until I started to feel like myself again," but once he enjoyed the candy-taste of ingesting Lean through a soda can, it was game over and ecstasy even followed.

"Long story short, soon enough I was regularly fucking with hard drugs," he explains.

In 7th grade, Gucci found his way to drug dealing after seeing how flashy the drug dealers were.

"I never had no positive male role models growing up," he writes, "so to me these were the coolest guys I knew." He started selling weed, but quickly graduated to crack-cocaine when his mom attempted to give him $50 for new school clothes.

I'd tell myself to give them the benefit of the doubt. That they didn't know how fucked up it was to ask me those questions. Still, I always felt disrespected."Originally, he'd given the nickname Gucci to one of his nephews," Gucci Mane explains of his dad's bestowing of the legendary moniker.

Of course, its origins are derived from the family affair with the Gucci brand, though the "Man" became a "Mane" due to regional diction.

"I'm pretty sure that's just some country, Alabama twang," Gucci writes of the "Mane." So if he's the third Gucci in the long line of Guccis, can he be classified as the remix?