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Element speed dating

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He said some interesting things, but he didn’t answer the question that I asked.

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You will often be presented with questions whose answer choices all seem to have appealing qualities.Large organizations and their teams can invest time into many innovative activities including speed dating with startups, meetups, design workshop, inspirations sessions etc. Let’s start with the simple questions – what is the goal of any large company?Usually a goal is to find an inspiration, to spot great startups for further collaboration or simply to stay up to date with the tech industry. It might be to increase profit or / and to grow customers base or / and to raise funds (charity). If a company wants to increase profits, it needs to offer a product / service that customers want / have to pay for.Please try next time, before participating speed dating with startups or tech meetup, to ask yourself a question “Has the startup / innovator tested his / hers assumptions with customers? Tina is just going because Gina dragged her there, and she’s only willing to date someone who is perfect for her.In my opinion all innovative effort should follow this direction because it keeps business healthy (searching for a right supply and demand which is free market essence).

There is one more important element, in 90%, customers (b2b or b2c) decide if something (product, service, process) presents value (exception could be a drug industry or any regulated industry with government grants).

So what does large organization need speed dating, meetups with startups, design workshop for?

Answer is pretty simple, for discovering a product / service or process which is effective and brings results.

 Tina later asked him the same question, and got the same response.

Because she was looking for dealbreakers, though, her reaction was very different from Tina’s.

Tina, however, was looking for reasons not to date these guys, so she noticed the dealbreaker flaws.