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Gain a fascinating first hand insight into the Holocaust from an expert passionate about WWII education during a truly unique and open discussion.You’ll also be able to join in and contribute to the good work of the ‘Community Castle Project’.This experience culminates in a lavish banquet inside an ancient castle town.This is international networking like never before!Discover the real Paris, according to local students, on a peer led immersive tour of the city.Explore the extravagance of the Palace of Versailles.

Enjoy a team picnic within the grounds of this UNESCO World Heritage Site following a trip to the market, bartering for lunch ingredients in French.

Ticket information will be provided to families approximately 3 weeks prior to departure so that these services can be arranged between the parent and the airline direct.

All fees associated with these services are the responsibility of the traveler and may be necessary round-trip.

Follow in the footsteps of armies, aristocrats and artists as you unearth the secrets of a truly diverse continent.

Indulge in a wealth of art, history and cuisine while creating a life-time of memories and contributing to local communities along the way.

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