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Dating a canadian guy

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want to know about Canada: Is there love across the border? We dove into the dating and mating habits of the exotic Canadian species (translation: talked to youngsters who've lived in British Columbia, Alberta, Ontario and Quebec) and dug up a few anthropological gems.Sadly, no one mentioned "finding inventive uses for maple syrup" as a Canadian quirk. S., at least in NYC, is more competitive and more results-oriented, as opposed to a more casual, 'We'll see what happens' approach.

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Love doing anything out side walking and going to the movies and going out for diner . Like to stay in and just talk and spend time with friends and famley and my little girl... if you have a passion for sport, we will have a lot of fun! Husbands are very caring to their families, as edgerunner said.But they are not talkative, especially to people they dont know much. I wanted to write something about him, but now it is not necessary, because recently we had a chance to talk and bettered our communication, and it came out to be good. Now I know that different culture is not a real barrier, but mis-communication is a barrier.Canadians Are Slower and More Reserved"There's a slower pace in Vancouver. People want to see if there's potential right away and not waste time."- Jennifer,* 23, Vancouver, now lives in NYC"I think that in general Torontonians (and I say this because different parts of Canada are quite different) tend to be a bit more reserved at the initial stages of meeting.People are less forward when it comes to approaching or meeting new people and don't talk to strangers often.They, themselves are courteous drivers and obey the laws of the highway to the max.

It gets less scary with each episode and it is an entertaining pastime to see their antics.

Beer may be the only thing that would hinder this goal. You must have an entire line for beer in any budget you are trying to follow. We are equal in every way, so gender does not really have anything to do with it.

On the negetive tip, I really have no comments as this is a rare and unusual occurance. We don't want the entire world scoping out the herd. Of course we like to dish them : P but mostly its just in fun.

For the most part, they are an accepting group and try not to put value judgements on others.

Even though they have developed a highly evolved vocabulary of off-colour words for Pedestrians and greedy drivers.

I asked this question because I kind of had some problem with some guy. I thinking having some friends with them would be great, so peapod you are lucky. I think it's not far from here, but I never went there.