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She pays close attention to form and the visual impact of shapes and symmetry to sculpt an image that is powerful, elegant and timeless.All her pieces are handcrafted in polyester resin from multi-part master moulds using gel coat, fiberglass and silicone rubber.

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Shoes are made in goat leather or lambskin and all of the structures are 24K gold plated.The pieces perform a double role: they exist as luxurious fashion artefacts on the body, but also as independent artworks exhibited in galleries, blurring the boundaries between fashion and fine art. Invited craftsperson and educationalist Polly Minett will guide primary teachers through our COSTUME exhibition focusing on how craft objects and techniques of making can aid integrated and process based learning in the classroom.Sew You is inspired by our current exhibition Costume: Behind the Scenes.Úna’s work is concept-based, with influence taken from psychological and military sources. Andreia Chaves The ‘Goldsculpt’ series by shoe designer Andreia Chaves explores the concept of movement as she pushes craftsmanship to realise a sculptural aesthetic where material and geometry are integral to the shoe design.The results are fluid structures that involve the foot and create a modern and unique effect.She is interested in ways of transforming the human figure through complex pieces of adornment or body-sculptures, questioning the established notions of beauty and ‘normality’.

Her practice explores the themes of mutation and evolution, relationships between the rational and the subconscious, human and animal.

Children are invited to the National Craft Gallery for an experimental sewing workshop that aims to ignite their imaginations.

Each participant will have an opportunity to experiment with stitch, materials, colour and design.

Stephanie Bila Photography by Stephanie Bila Ana Rajcevic Photography by Fernando Lessa. Turning the traditional idea of a costume exhibition inside out, Behind the Scenes focuses on the undergarment, demonstrating that these complex, functional pieces are beautiful objects in their own right.

COSTUME; BEHIND THE SCENES The Abbey is Ireland’s national theatre, and home to the only full-time costume production workshop in the country.

Featuring panniers, hoops, crinolines and bustles, specially created for the exhibition by the Abbey team, the exhibition celebrates the sculptural qualities of these beautiful objects and the superb craft skills employed in making them.