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He admitted to performing oral sex on Miller, but Hooker has maintained that he did not know she was underage.

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The defendant sat quietly in the courtroom as Miller read her statement.He was then a business teacher at Davis High School; she was a senior at Beyer High.“There were no warning signs I could see,” Miller said, while reading her victim impact statement in a Stanislaus County courtroom Wednesday afternoon.“James Hooker didn't act like a predator.” She said she suffered from depression, had lost contact with her friends, and her boyfriend had moved two hours away for a job.Hooker did not make any statements during the hearing or afterward as he and his 19-year-old girlfriend and former student, Jordan Powers, were followed by news cameras out of the courthouse.The couple’s relationship gained national media attention last year, which prompted Miller to During an investigation into Hooker’s relationship with Powers, detectives learned of Miller.Allred represents Miller and attended Hooker’s October preliminary hearing.

Miller had been identified in court as Jane Doe, but her attorney said her client gave her permission to reveal her name to news media gathered in the courthouse lobby.

She testified that Hooker told her his wife had discovered an email that revealed the affair.

Miller first learned of Hooker’s relationship with another high school student last year, when she spotted a link to a news story on a friend’s Facebook page.

“He had become a repeat offender, and I felt it would not end with Jordan Powers.”Miller, now 32, read her statement while standing near the jury box and the counsel’s table facing the judge.

Celebrity attorney Gloria Allred stood at her side.

She received calls from strangers, threatening to photograph her at the courthouse and reveal her identity, she said.