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I will go home and open a small shop,” said Wang Hong as she pinches her fingers.

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Among them was one woman that appeared to be 20 years of age, tall and slim. We’ll settle up after we do it.” She calls herself Rong Rong, “This place is safe, you won’t have to worry about getting caught by the cops.” I was led by Rong Rong to a small grove of trees next to Liangma Henan. In order to leave the situation I told her “it’s too cold.” I then went back to Yansha Bridge to speak with some of the others.Seeing that someone has stopped, they will eagerly compete to “promote” themselves; afterwards, they and the john will move to another location where they will engage in the transaction of selling sex.Among them, there is no lack of men dressing up as women.After paying the money, the woman begins to undress.As the situation became more and more inappropriate, I decided to leave.Once I looked at her, she immediately walked on over. Many of them told me, “You know, Rong Rong is actually a man.” They disclosed that of the nearly 20 streetwalkers in the Shiguan District, four are actually men.

These men are transsexuals, called “demon-people.” These transsexuals don’t have any inner psychological problems, nor have they undergone a sex change operation; they just go about having outdoor sex.

These “demon-people” take on numerous clients under the trees, and so they tend to make a lot of money. Under her direction, we take a taxi to Zaoying Nanli neighborhood located not too far away. The room is crude and bare; there is only a double bed, a table, a dresser and a television.

Renting a room to “do it” While speaking with the group, a woman wearing a red down jacket crossed the road to come next to me. Upon entering the room, the woman turns on the television and requests I pay the money up front.

Back when my child needed to attend elementary school, I didn’t have enough money; that’s when I followed suit and turned to prostitution.” At most, she will have three to four customers a night, and she can usually make more than 10,000 RMB a month.

“After doing this for another couple of years and saving several tens of thousands of RMB, I will stop.

During the winter there is consistently only two or three.