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Android call log not updating

android call log not updating-12

I tried changing the date around, and all of the history items change based on the current selected date.

this time the sync will be as per the google a/c and all invisible contacts not found during search will be visible...! restart your phone in safe mode, open contatcs app..will see ur contacts list loaded without any delay..switch off ur phone and restart it in normal mode..everything works fine.. By this way android try to own you , your contacts and all information about u. id=angel.twitch After fixed my call history shown address book name, not numbers.After a restart of Bria everything works as expected again. My suspicion is that at application start some variable is set to the current date.Calls from the day that I changed my computer's date to appear as 'Today'. If the call date matches that variable, it is displayed as 'Today'.Only the history items which were originated on the date currently selected showed as "today" for me. I'm afraid I haven't heard of other reports of this, and so far I haven't been able to replicate it myself.When I switched the date further in the OS settings, all the history items in Bria would shift which ones were showing "Today" to reflect the date shift. I'll let you know tomorrow what the history shows for me on that machine.Cheers, Graham Hi Graham, thanks for checking into this matter.

I'm not really sure why my setup would behave differently.

I do not see any changes in the history as I change the current date/time on my computer.

I just checked if I still had X-Lite installed, and yes, it show the exact same bug.

Maybe after 6.5 years it's time for a fresh install of OS X.

Not looking forward to that ;-( Cheers, Uli Hello Ulrich, I did some more thorough tests here and found out that the list only seems to update when you manipulate the history list (or restart as you've been doing).

After a restart everything looks as expected: Calls from the current day appear as 'Today', calls from previous days show the correct date.