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Duggars courtship dating

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It appears that everyone is talking about how Jana Duggar and Tim Tebow are courting. 11 report by International Business Times, Amy Duggar shares the truth about the Jana Duggar and Tim Tebow dating.The country singer has put to rest the rumors that Jana Duggar and Tebow are courting.

Fans of “19 Kids and Counting” are all over the map when it comes to how they feel about a possible courtship between Jim Bob Duggar's oldest daughter and the former NFL player. In addition to telling the truth about the possible courtship, Amy Duggar came clean about another rumor that has been circulating.It has been reported that she wanted Tebow for herself.According to those reports, she was attempting to “steal him away.” The tabloids had her scheming to meet Pam Tebow, the football player's mother, at the Duggar home last month.She stated that that her Duggar cousin and the football player are not dating.She goes even further and tells the world the two haven't even met.However, Amy Duggar did not state that she wasn't interested in Tebow. Unlike the Jim Bob Duggar branch of the family tree, Amy Duggar is allowed date instead of having to have a courtship.

Of course, she could be too busy launching her country music career to even think about starting a relationship with anyone. She has been actively pursuing a career in country music.

According to Amy Duggar, just like her cousin Jana, she has never met Tebow.

She even went as far as to tweet “#allsmilesnodrama.” It appears there is no “cousin rivalry” between them when it comes to Tebow.

They are not allowed to be alone together — meaning dates always have to be chaperoned. The two are currently hanging together, touring Australia and New Zealand with the Institute of Biblical Life Principals, a controversial religious group.

There is no hugging unless you do it the “right” way which is an odd side hug so there’s not too much touching. The couple is there with Josiah Duggar’s parents, Jim Bob and Michelle, and likely the rest of the 19 kids.

I have a feeling these images just look worse (LOL, like they’re not even bad) than they are, but scandal is scandal. Really, they probably haven’t broken any rules and are being respectful of each other and their boundaries.