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Mount etna dating

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Emission of the "Gallinara" lava flow (gx) on the S flank north of Nicolosi, source vent unknown 812? Local legends relating of a new lake and flooding due to a lava flow blocking the Alcantara river possibly have their origin in this event.Eruption vents south of Monte Sona (possibly Monte Arso). Eruption on the W flank, emitting a lava flow (ip) of which only a limited outcrop is present in the Monte Palestra area. This lava flow was labeled "1536" on the 1979 Geological Map ~970.

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(1979), but the real 1566 lava flow descended further to the west 1194 1200 /-30 yr.Eruption on the SW flank building the cone of Monte Nero degli Zappini along an eruptive fissure at 2000-1800 m elevation. The 1979 Geological Map assigned the date "1537" to this eruption. Eruption on the south flank, building the little cone of Montarello at about 900 m elevation north of the town of Pedara.The lava flow (lq) was attributed to an eruption in 1444 on the 1979 Geological Map 1285.Eruption on the eastern flank, possibly from vents in the Valle del Bove, which are now buried under younger lavas.A large lava flow extends far down the eastern flank to near the present-day village of Macchia, close to Giarre.The following list is based on various sources, including the Smithsonian Institution's "Volcanoes of the World", the most recent existing geological map of Etna compiled by Branca et al.

(2011), the phantastic monograph "Mount Etna: The Anatomy of a Volcano" by Chester et al.

Both the lava flow and the source fissures are now densely urbanized. Eruption on the NE flank, at 1380-1160 m elevation, building a row of small scoria and spatter cones.

A lava flow (li) travels 8.7 km to near the present-day town of Linguaglossa (which at the time was either not existing or just a small hamlet).

Eruption very close to the 1060 /-60 yr eruption site (Monte Gallo - Monte Testa) on the WSW flank at 1550 m elevation, building a new cone named Monte Forno. Also this lava flow was attributed on the 1979 Geological Map to an eruption in 1595, which is now known not to have taken place 1222 1250 /-20 yr.

Emission of a lava flow (tl) from a fissure at 1990-1910 m elevation on the south flank, near Piano Vetore.

Much of this lava is now densely covered with vegetation and urbanization June-August 1329.