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Our newsletter contains articles and news about our campaign along with a mix of other items of interest, rail-related (loosely sometimes! Complementary copies go to a wide range of people such as MSPs and the press, as well as key people in the rail industry.The award was presented by Christian Wolmar, Railfuture President, to Gavin Sinclair, Fo FNL member and former secretary.

It is available to members for £10.00 (or £12.50 by post).Fo FNL AGM, 18 June 2011, Report Gladstonian Daftness?Convenor's Report Kessock Chaos Partially Averted FNL Train Loadings Level Crossings - Part IV The RUS Rolls On Through to Orkney by Taxi Taking a Cab 'Tain't arf confusing at Inverness...' Farthest South-East to Far North-East East Coast Meals Not So Hot Bookworm's Burrow Connections Financing and Franchising Potential Highland Freight Improving Far North Services Front Page Headcode Rail 2014 Consultation Level Crossings - Part 5 Future Rolling Stock Policy in Scotland Caledonian Sleepers "Black Fives" in the Highlands Nucleating Georgemas The new Highland Main Line Timetable Connections from the Far North Line Wish You Were Here - Postcards Recent HITRANS Reports Snippet of History Your Trespasses Will Not be Forgiven Book Review - Trainspots Motorail Highland Chieftain Northbound Far North Freightliner Keith Tyler's Farewell Franchise News The Swing of the Pendulum FNL Train Service Enhancements Fares News News From the Central Belt Progress (Of Sorts) on The HML New Life for Helmsdale Station House May We Have Our Tracks Back Please?This win was an excellent example of how they are growing as not only players, but people too.“The intensity for three quarters of the game was outstanding and to combine this with quality on the ball is showing that they are all moving in the right direction.”Worthing College also launched their annual gifted and talented programme back in November.We hope that the double track on the certificate is a subliminal reference to the Scottish Government's pending announcement about rail improvements to be carried out in CP6 (Control Period 6)!

We would like to congratulate our colleagues at the Tarka Rail Association who also received a Gold Award. We are hoping our page will stimulate interest in what we do and the Far North Line in general.

Iona Gardner, Olivia Miller and Shelby Harris were all part of the national college netball squad, while Izzy Mayhew and Teya Ashworth are in the England squad for the women’s rugby talent and development squad - making it ten students in total playing at national standard.

Another stellar year of producing students to play for England means Worthing College have now seen more than 40 of their serving pupils pull on either an English, Scottish, Italian, Welsh or Dutch shirt since 2007.

It allows students performing at regional, national or international level to access similar academy sessions.

Strength and conditioning with the Sussex Performance Centre, Masterchef style nutrition practical, injury prevention lectures and video analysis are just some of the specific areas offered.

f you are travelling along the Far North Line you might like to enhance your journey by downloading our guide, written by Richard Ardern, one of our committee members and very prolific article writer for Far North Express!