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Only a suppresive group of the lowest order could manage that.I could, and would if he woke up and reached, straighten him out with a yank in very short order.

The only one I can actually rely on at this point is my son and he is going with me.Dear all, Just to inform all parents of 10th passed children. Now I am studying in class 11th and I got 8.6CGPA in class 10th. There is a scholarship scheme by our PM Narendra modi in the name of Abdul Kalam and vajapeyee. 10,000/ These forms r available in the muncipal corporation . Realize, these hearfelt, if bizarre, pleas by Clark went unanswered.However, friends of Dennis got into direct comm with me about getting Dennis help.I’m working on them as best I can but I’m hitting the wall, physically and theta wise.

I have been mid OT V since 1987 and that’s appently much too long.

Since the stroke, he has apparently decided to simply steal the $400,000 commission.

He has hired a former senior HCO terminal here to help him. Believe me, there are these important (to me) matters I still have to deal with here.

One of the early IAS Freedom Medal winners was one Dennis Clark.

Many newer Scientologists don’t know much about him.

That is why he spent so much time in the editing bay at Gold personally constructing the deceptive hype videos introducting them.