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Wanting to talk chat to couples about sex

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For a starter, it’s bad luck to announce a pregnancy in the first trimester. If you do get the answer you want (unlikely – the most common response is probably awkwardness) then what that means is that you have forced a couple’s hand in revealing something they weren’t ready to. No matter what outcome you get for the question, it has not been worth asking.

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It is not their duty to tell you, it may not be something that they want to talk about and the worst (but not uncommon) scenario, you could be actively hurting them.Mines such as not actually wanting children, not being able to conceive or having marital problems, all of which hurt when stepped on. When you ask someone this question, what are you actually hoping for?Of all of the possible answers you can get, I imagine that the only mildly positive outcome that you can hope for is: ‘actually yes, I’m pregnant right now! Do you think if there were a pregnancy, it slipped the couple’s minds and your prompting question gives them that light bulb moment that they knew there was something they had to share?And that is that a couple’s conversation over having kids or not is their business and theirs alone. It goes without saying that you'd like to enjoy making love to your partner; yet, nearly every other aspect of sex calls for a chat.Plenty of couples have decided that they don’t want kids.

More still possibly aren’t ready and having a ring on their finger doesn’t automatically leave them with a deadline.

Picture a couple who are secretly going through marriage counselling or are constantly arguing and the last thing that will be healthy for them is bringing a child into the mix.

You could just be setting the stage for further arguments.

Some people have children young, some people have them old.

Some have them while single, some have them while married, some never get married and have them and some never have them at all.

Chances are, if you are one of those people that go around asking people you only know as acquaintances when they’re going to get a move on and start a family, you have probably hit a very exposed and sensitive nerve.