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He didn’t even know if he was still a member; that was a stupid thought.

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He could see the baby bottle in her hand; he was thirsty and he took it eagerly from her and lay back to su-k on it and drink as she lowered the cot rails and started to busy herself round the nursery getting ready for the first nappy change of the day.It would be impossible to walk in through those doors ever again, even if somehow he became able to live the life of a man and husband again. He wondered if Mummy would come soon, su-king on the dummy that was clipped to his little short nightie top with a plastic clip and cuddling his pink rabbit gave him a secure feeling.He wondered if Jane’s new boyfriend was a member, did they discuss him and his baby status with others in public? His hands drifted down the bed he felt the comfort of the plastic pants, the large 60 inch square terry nappy held on with four nappy pins, inside that was a Tena maxi disposable that only occasionally leaked into the terry. He felt better now as he reflected that he did not think Jane had slept with the new man of her life that night, he had not had to listen in an agony of frustration, hurt and pain to their lovemaking in the bedroom next door.A warm fresh terry square neatly folded from the airing cupboard, another maxi Tena from the large stack under the changing table, fresh plastic pants, the Pampers wipes and nappy rash cream to hand.She went out and returned with something he could not quite see. “Pleath Pleath Mummy” he muttered while still su-king on his bottle.Shifting slowly in his cot the dream faded, it was alright he had just wet his nappy in his sleep.

He was safe in his cot; the golf club was a distant memory not to be seen again soon.

Simon hissed loudly “David you are wetting your pants!!!

“ David woke with a start, heart pounding, sweat on his chest and face.

He used, years ago, to always tear off his baby clothes and vow to himself he would never do it again.

Now, even if he had felt like that there was absolutely no chance at all.

He opened his eyes at last, a quick glance showed the familiar cot bars and the pink glow of sunlight through the nursery curtains.