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I encourage you to think twice when you get a tempting invitation to go out with the boys — something you’ve enjoyed hundreds of times — when Joan’s favourite television show is on, despite the PVR thing.I know how much you enjoy eating and having a beer and a wee dram of scotch.

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Talbot got the game to extra time when his team was outshot 13-2 in the third, then watched big horses Connor Mc David and Leon Draisaitl combine to win it 38 seconds in, with Mc David rifling one under the crossbar on his 28th shift of the game.Start writing earlier — and, be honest, Cam: you leave everything until the last minute, right? But I encourage you to think of Barry, Chad, and Hillsy — the people waiting for your copy back at the Postmedia newsroom. CAM TAITIn the mid-1960s, my two heroes wore masks and capes — dark blue and bright yellow — and patrolled through Gotham City, dispensing with the evilness of criminals, some being downright hilarious, making Batman and Robin the hit it was on television. A white towel was wrapped around where it should be — no colourful capes were flowing behind him. ”I nodded, I think, recalling the tilt between the Leafs and the New York Rangers.“If you don’t mind, I’ll get dressed while we talk. It’s the only building like that.“The other rinks have seats that come right down to the glass, and come game time, even if the seats are a black colour, the fans aren’t all wearing black.”Oilers coach Todd Mc Lellan really liked teenager Kailer Yamamoto, even if he was sent back to junior in Spokane.“He was close this year to being a regular, and maybe under different circumstances, he’d have stayed longer.I really believe in this young man,” said Mc Lellan.“I knew where it was going, but I didn’t catch it until the puck went by the pile.“Then our big guns took over in the overtime. Any time you’ve got 3-on-3 with Connor and Leon, anything can happen.”Mc Lellan had a great view as the two worked their way and fended off Islanders defenceman Nick Leddy.“Connor made sure he stayed on onside at the blue line, protected the puck,” said Mc Lellan.

“Then Leon looked like he had eyes in the back of his head and got it back to Connor.“Fun play to watch.”While there’s been much talk about the poor ice at Brooklyn’s Barclays Center, Talbot says the bigger problem is picking up the puck.“It’s hard to see the puck if it’s a long dump-in and the puck goes above the boards.

— Cam Talbot didn’t want to give up a goal to anyone, least of all Jordan Eberle — now dressed in the blue and orange of the New York Islanders — but that was all the beleaguered Edmonton Oilers goalie allowed for his bewildered team Tuesday night.

Following his 36-save performance Tuesday night, he now has a .937 save percentage and a 2.03 goals-against average on the road.

But when you’ve think you’ve had plenty — and only you knows when that is — ask yourself, in brute honesty, if you really need another helping.

I encourage you, as a person with a disability, to remind yourself when you’re getting impatient waiting for a ride, or someone to help you get showered and dressed for the day, that you are not the only person with a disability on the planet. But you are part of a community that shares services.

You lose it, especially in the first and third periods,” he said.