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Validating vision mission and core values

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Consider whether there is room for you to strengthen yours.

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The goal of the program is to enhance the status of the profession by ensuring that each IFIA member: As a member of IFIA, we are committed to developing and implementing a compliance program which covers our entire organization.The principles and rules of this program are contained in the current "Code of Ethics" which reflects all IFIA Compliance Code requirements.Creating a mission statement is an early task in a startup’s development.Does the statement still accurately reflect why you are in business?It can help to compare your mission statement to those of the competition and see how yours stands up.By creating a mission statement and referring back to it, you can keep your startup focused on your goals and why the company exists.

As you write your mission statement, be aware that it will evolve over time.

These values guide our activities and ensure we adhere to the highest standards; understand and deliver on our users’ needs; and drive efficiencies across the industry Achieve more together.

This reflects both the support of our community to raise our ambitions as well as the economics of our time. ‘Together’ means strength, drawing on the resources of the global SWIFT community.

To learn more about how to write your mission statement, read The mission statement: The basis for startups’ strategic planning.

For startups following Steve Blank’s Customer Development Model, the preliminary steps to write your mission statement take place during the customer discovery stage.

Your mission statement should have an inspirational element to attract stakeholders and spur them into participation, and it should be broad enough so as not to stifle innovation or future strategies.