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Updating gameguard

To activate the recording loop simply press and hold your video capture hotkey until the Fraps counter turns pink, indicating that loop recording has begun.We have also included new optimizations for recording at high resolutions such as 1920x1080 (1080P).

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Finally, we are aware that more and more people are putting Fraps to professional use.Fraps 2.9.8 - 3rd Jan 2009 - Fixed crash on installation for some users - Fixed Fraps not working with Combat Arms - Fixed counter not switching properly between multiple active 3D applications - Fixed Fraps not detecting windowed games while monitoring DWM - Systray icon now turns red while recording - Minor optimizations and bug fixes - Reduced memory footprint of 64-bit version of Fraps Fraps 2.9.7 - 19th Dec 2008 - Fixed 64-bit applications crashing soon after loading - Fixed low quality sound recording with Left 4 Dead under Windows XP - Fixed graphic corruption in X-Plane (and other Open GL titles) - Fixed crash when recording a Direct X 9 game and changing resolution - Fixed Fraps not detecting games after being run at Windows startup - Fixed hotkeys not responding when Alt held down - Fixed monitoring of Vista DWM after a full-screen application has exited - Fixed Fluidmark displaying a blank screen with Fraps loaded - Fixed FS9 crashing when menu activated while recording - Fixed DWMAPI error on some Windows XP installs - Improved recording speed of Direct X9 games in Vista SP1 and SP2 beta - Added warning if no sound recording device found under Windows 2000 or XP Fraps 2.9.6 - 2nd Oct 2008 - Fixed games such as Stalker not being detected in 2.9.5 - Fixed video capture corruption in FSX on multi monitor setups - Fixed codec crashes in large projects - Fixed Fraps not starting with Windows when running on battery power - Fixed Fraps closing when switching to battery power - Fixed Open GL video capture not recording correct viewport in some applications - Fixed sound sync when recording started while rendering paused Fraps 2.9.5 - 10th Sep 2008 - Added Stereo & Multichannel recording options for Direct Stream audio in Vista - Added support for many DDRAW games running in windowed mode - Added support for games that use multiple swapchains in D3D9 - Added large size icon for Vista - Fixed slow video capture speeds recording many older DDRAW games - Fixed capture crash for DDRAW games in XP SP3 - Fixed misaligned audio with Vista Direct Stream when sound was silent - Fixed 64-bit Open GL apps not being detected - Fixed long delay starting video capture on some Vista configurations - Fixed crash in Fraps if video capture key pressed quickly in succession - Fixed Fraps exit dialog appearing at random intervals - Fixed "This program might not have installed correctly" error in Vista - Fixed corrupted volume slider in Vista when Fraps loaded - Fixed scrambled colors when recording in 8-bit and 16-bit from some older games - Fixed crash loading levels in Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory Fraps 2.9.4 - 14th Jan 2008 - Added 64-bit Fraps FPS1 codec - Added support for resolutions up to 2560x1600 on single core CPUs - Fixed crash when recording with sound under Vista SP1 - Fixed D3D9 recording speed on x64 versions of Windows - Fixed Windows start bug when Fraps installed in a folder with a space in the name - Improved compatibility with 3rd party graphic utilities Fraps 2.9.3 - 21st Nov 2007 - Fixed crash in DX10 games when AA enabled - Fixed sound sync/length issue when 29.97 option used - Improved video capture smoothness on slower hard drives - Fixed LCD output displaying wrong resolution for DX10 games - Fixed Run Fraps when Windows starts option under Vista - Added support for DX8 Swap Chains - Reduced delay between split AVIs Fraps 2.9.2 - 10th Sep 2007 - Fixed Direct Stream sound recording with 5.1 speaker configuration - Fixed World Of Warcraft crash if Alt-Tab pressed while recording - Fixed startup error under XP when Alky installed - Fixed DX10 support when DXGI_PRESENT_TEST flag used - Fixed function keys not responding in FFXI Fraps 2.9.1 - 12th Jul 2007 - Fixed blank video capture occurring with some configurations Fraps 2.9.0 - 10th Jul 2007 - Added support for Direct X 10 - Added option to monitor Desktop Window Manager under Vista - Added Direct Stream sound recording for Vista - Fixed screen tearing in video captured from DX9 games - Fixed G15 LCD output running fast on Vista machines - Improved resource sharing with multithreaded games - Added numerous crash and compatibility fixes Got Dual Core?For video capture we're happy to announce the removal of resolution restrictions on multi-core systems.Fraps 3.5 adds the much requested feature to allow AVI movie files larger than 4 gigabytes.Fraps will now write hybrid Open DML/AVI files and allow large movies on NTFS drives.Looking back it's kind of hard to believe how much has changed since those early days of Direct X and 3D graphics.

From simple beginnings we've seen the prevalence of real-time benchmarking, and the emergence of the amazing machinima community from video captured in-game.

The Fraps counter will turn pink to show that video is being cached. Fraps 3.2.9 - 10th Feb 2011 - Fixed crash if recording to drive with less than 4 gigabytes free - Improved sound capture engine for those suffering sync issues - Fixed 3D browser apps not being correctly monitored in Firefox 3 - Fixed detection of UDK viewport sizes Fraps 3.2.8 - 3rd Feb 2011 - Greatly reduced CPU usage while recording on most configurations - Fixed black areas in captures from Flight Simulator (FS9/FSX) - Fixed counter not showing in correct position for some windowed applications - Fixed crash when recording DWM at 1366x768 on 64-bit versions of Windows - Fixed counter appearing in Google Talk Fraps 3.2.7 - 19th Jan 2011 - Fixed large pause between split AVI segments - Fixed stuttering when using loop recording on Vista/Win7 - Other minor bug fixes Fraps 3.2.6 - 24th Dec 2010 - Fixed Fraps not able to initialize Direct X on startup for some people - Fixed crash while recording that could cause video to be written incompletely - Fixed rare bug causing graphic corruption of individual frames in recorded movies - Fixed crash on Windows 2000 machines Fraps 3.2.5 - 2nd Dec 2010 - Fixed keys sticking/duplicated with Fraps loaded - Fixed Fraps not capturing in half-size mode for some users Fraps 3.2.4 - 28th Nov 2010 - Added support for D3D10 & D3D11 stereoscopic 3D Vision capture - Fixed counter appearing on Windows Live 2011 apps - Fixed inverted colors in video captured from some DX10 games - Fixed DWM capture jumping between multiple monitors on Windows 7 - Fixed flickering counter in some Open GL applications - Fixed mouse offset in 3D browser apps - Fixed FRAPS.

When you want to save the action simply tap the capture hotkey and the recording will continue as normal (including the previous 30 seconds of footage). EXE not appearing signed on some Windows 7 installations - Fixed systray icon not turning pink in loop recording mode.

Since the Vista Desktop Window Manager (DWM) runs through Direct X we have also added a new option to monitor the desktop under Vista.

You can now take screenshots and record video from the desktop just like any other game or 3D application.

We now require a CPU with SSE2 instructions (Pentium 4 & above). If you have an older system (Win2K or non-SSE2 CPU) you can still download the previous Fraps 3.4.7 release from the download page.