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Rrd error updating

block is encountered and no configuration handling callback for this plugin has been registered, a warning is logged and the block is ignored.When set to true, explicit Load Plugin statements are not required.

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This may be used in combination with recursively including a directory to easily be able to arbitrarily mix configuration files and other documents (e.g. The given example is similar to the first example above but includes all files matching function). To prevent loops and shooting yourself in the foot in interesting ways the nesting is limited to a depth of 8 levels, which should be sufficient for most uses.If you want to be informed about your Pi-Hole statistics, but don’t want to visit the Pi-Hole dashboard all the time, then there is also an alternative way to get the statistics out of Pi-Hole, and use the numbers to present it in any other way that meets your demands. showing it on a display (like the Scroll p HAT HD), uploading it to Thing Speak, or whatever else you can think of.Pi-Hole already provides you the opportunity to make a request for getting some statistic data right out of the box.The most significant option is Load Plugin, which controls which plugins to load.These plugins ultimately define collectd's behavior. If the Auto Load Plugin option has been enabled, the explicit Load Plugin lines may be omitted for all plugins with a configuration block, i.e. This allows long lines to be split into multiple lines. However, those are treated special in that whitespace at the beginning of the following lines will be ignored, which allows for nicely indenting the wrapped lines.This is useful when you want to split up the configuration into smaller files and want each file to be "self contained", i.e.

it contains a Plugin block the appropriate Load Plugin statement.

Obviously smaller values lead to a higher system load produced by collectd, while higher values lead to more coarse statistics.

Warning: You should set this once and then never touch it again.

In order to avoid running into memory issues in such a case, you can limit the size of this queue. For servers it is recommended to set this to a non-zero value, though.

By default, there is no limit and memory may grow indefinitely. You can set the limits using Write Queue Limit High and Write Queue Limit Low.

Number of threads to start for dispatching value lists to write plugins.