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Dating his ethics instructor

We make up hashtags like #jiujitsulifestyle and #bjjsavedmylife and we post on reddit about how our boyfriends and girlfriends just don’t get us.I am not saying this to diminish the positive changes many people experiences through doing BJJ.

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Because this is a natural process, there is less danger of a corrupted person becoming a well-known teacher.In the monastic system, the process of becoming a teacher was organized to some extent.But in modern times the word “teacher” reminds us of someone in an academic field who, after completing certain requirements, is appointed as a teacher by an organization, whether or not that person has any students.To do otherwise is to set them up for injuries and chronic pain.My training in Functional Range Conditioning has driven this point home, and now I feel that I have the tools to do the right movement prep without turning warm-ups into touch butt.The coach who engages in such activity after the two years following cessation or termination of the coach-athlete relationship bears the burden of demonstrating that there has been no exploitation, in light of all relevant factors, including:(6) any statements or actions made by the coach during the course of the athlete-coach relationship suggesting or inviting the possibility of a post-termination sexual or romantic relationship with the athlete or coach.

A BJJ gym is not held to the same standard as an Olympic training center, but it is still a bad idea for instructors to sleep with students for the same reasons.

As I always emphasize, in the beginning one should consider the person explaining the Dharma not as a guru, but as a Dharma friend.

After a year or two, when both people know each other well, the student may develop the conviction that this person is reliable and entrust this teacher to be their guru.

You can still tell a student “I would show you that but I don’t think it’s the most important thing for you to learn right now.

Here’s something better.” The point is that you do not place “tests of loyalty” or other nonsense between your students and what you are willing to show them.

Have you ever showed up for a scheduled class only to stand outside of a locked gym door for 20 minutes until a frantic purple belt rushes over to open up and cover class because the head instructor cannot be found?