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“Following the instructions and using the free tools included in the order, it’s easy to install it on my car.This mini–dash cam is really mini, it doesn’t take much space, and also didn’t block my vision at all.

In this image made from video provided by Yehunda Pinto, the wreckage of a jet is seen on fire near Harduf, northern Israel, Saturday, Feb. The Israeli military shot down an Iranian drone that infiltrated the country early Saturday before launching a “large-scale attack” on at least a dozen Iranian and Syrian targets in Syria.Heads need to roll, and I’m not talking about the helpless #concussed players who are receiving negligent medical care D2s Ea K8f U — Chris Nowinski, Ph. (@Chris Nowinski1) January 8, 2018 Which is of course a good way to deflect attention to something that can be evaluated quickly and cleanly. (@Chris Nowinski1) January 8, 2018 Newton sat out one offensive snap and returned to play on the Panthers’ next possession.And it can even be tucked into a tale about a savvy veteran making a decision for the betterment of his team: Look: Maybe Newton did just get his eye poked in such a way that he knew he needed only a few minutes off, and then decide to tumble to the ground to give his backup time to get ready. It’s also possible that the 300-pound man running full speed at Newton’s head left him with a brain injury. He looked mostly fine, completing a 19-yard pass to Devin Funchess and then making a short, accurate throw on a quick read after Christian Mc Caffery ran a tight route to get into space.This "Cam Newton's visor poked him in the eye" is the greatest storyline in the history of sports. Watch the video, you don't collapse after that him because you need ice on your face. The running back did most of the work on a 56-touchdown that brought the Panthers within five. He muscled an out pass to Kaelin Clay for 21 yards, then a few downs later lofted a pass into the end zone that probably should have been caught by Funchess.He took an intentional grounding penalty that caused a loss of down and 10-second runoff and seemed to sap Carolina’s momentum, but it was a questionable call.Quite the opposite was true: he was going to do everything possible to conceal the impact of the hit.

He might say, “Yeah, it’s just my eye, my visor poked it.” Or anything, really, that might shake the notion that he was concussed.

He was surprised by my answer, since what he guessed was two times the real price! First off, it’s smaller than other dash cams, so it can easily hide behind the rearview mirror, so it does not take up any windshield real estate …

This cam can be attached two ways: directly to the glass with a flat mount that it comes with (recommended) or a suction cup (purchased separately).

Cam Newton has apparently scrubbed his wildly popular personal Instagram account, which has over 4 million followers, of all its posts and unfollowed pretty much everyone except his businesses, including anything Panthers-related. It’s possible Newton is also unhappy with the pending sale of the team.

We can assume Newton is frustrated over his team’s wild-card playoff loss to the division-rival Saints, Carolina’s third defeat at New Orleans’ hands this year.

He has made it known publicly that he supports owner Jerry Richardson and wishes he would not sell.