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That’s nearly half of it’s gross domestic product, or GDP, which is US$19.2 billion. Authorities suggest that nearly 200 Buddhist monks and nuns have died and that roughly 1,000 monasteries have collapsed due to the quakes and following aftershocks.According to the 2011 National Population & Housing Census, roughly 2.4 million Nepalis identify as Buddhist. Yesterday, the Tzu Chi volunteers followed up on residents staying in the Mahewsori tent areas.

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Nepal’s Home Ministry reports updated fatalities since April 25th at 8,583.The Tzu Chi disaster relief team also donated 100 folding beds & 500 folding blankets to the Dhulikhel & Kathmandu University Hospitals yesterday.On Monday, May 18, the relief team also distributed relief materials to 114 families and held a clinic that treated 113 patients in the town of Majuwa.They estimate that lice has spread to roughly 90% of children in the same tent area. The South Asian Monsoon makes its annual migration across the Indian subcontinent.In Nepal, the monsoon is expected to last for an average of 105 days, and higher altitude areas are expected to see more rainfall.They also held a clinic in both Mahewsori & Chitapol, treating 194 patients altogether.

More to come In a distribution yesterday, Tzu Chi volunteers gave out relief items to 250 families across 4 villages. Back in 1993, massive floods drowned out the Terai region of Nepal, which covers 17% of its total land.

Yesterday, Tzu Chi volunteers conducted two medical relief assessments in the towns of Majuwa & Tathali.

The relief team also donated 200 bundles of materials to the Nepal National Academy of Physics & the village of Katunje-Charange.

She explains, “I was crying every day before until I joined Tzu Chi.

Helping others as a volunteer makes me happy.” Photo: Li Mei Ru Over the weekend, the Tzu Chi relief team held clinics in tented areas of Maheswori, the Swayambunath Temple, and the Thrangu Tara Abbey.

Top: Young volunteers play a special part in Chitapol’s Medical Outreach.