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Signs you are dating a commitment phobe

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These are limiting beliefs and they just are not true.Nothing else is totally black and white so why would dating be?

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Sometimes you might want certain aspects of a relationship or like the idea of it, but at the same time have a harder time with the emotional stuff that goes along with it.There is nothing wrong with not wanting to commit, except that it can be a confusing feeling and also tends to hurt other people along the way if you end up leading them along. Here are some signs that you might actually be a commitment-phobe, even if you are actively dating.If you only are attracted to one type of guy, you may think that's no big deal, but it's actually kind of a problem.It can actually be a defense mechanism that's keeping you away from more suitable options.A good example is, of course, being super into the bad boy... You still get to crush and get involved and pine after him but it's all safe because he's never actually going to choose you or be the man you want him to be, and you know this deep down on some level.Yeah, there are cheaters but there are also nice people who are single and looking for the one like you supposedly are. you are not actually willing to be open to the one.

If you were, you would admit that it is possible for him to come along.

Shying away from PDA can be a sign that you are not totally comfortable with your relationship and you are totally fine being out in the open.

If you are not, it might be because you are not actually completely comfortable with the relationship itself.

If someone says one wrong thing and you suddenly stop liking them or you're offended by their foot and feel the need to end it, it's because you're creating an easy out for yourself.

You have to know that the small things don't necessarily mean anything, but the fact that you aren't willing to look beyond them just means that you aren't willing to give anyone a chance. If you really wanted to be in a relationship you would want a person, who's definitely going to be imperfect.

Some people are not big on PDA in general, but it's worth considering why a little kiss feels like such a big issue for you.