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Colin egglesfield dating

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Lynette introduces her new boyfriend Garrett to the family.

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Riley goes on her first date since Kyle left town, with a client she met.This, in part, led to a complaints that that " the guys were all so good looking" later the team tried to cast "t more real guys" although by this point the network refused insisting on "hot guys" The first of these materials, released on January 26, 2012, featured Hewitt performing Shirley Bassey's "Big Spender" in a music video-style advert, in reference to the true nature of the work at the massage parlor.Riley Parks, a single mom from Texas, is left alone with her children after her husband Kyle abruptly leaves.Causing him to punch him in the face and defend Selena name.Riley gets involved with a rodeo cowboy's romantic life. Kyle returns home, but his homecoming is anything but warm. A corrupt police officer continues to put pressure on Riley.Meanwhile, Georgia takes all the girls out for drinks, where Riley discovers the fun side of her new job.

Also, Lynette begins a romance with someone from church.

Riley finds the phone number of a woman from Kyle's past and begins to investigate her with the help of Lacey.

At the massage parlor, Riley meets an interesting client nicknamed The Camel.

Faced with a tough decision, she decides that in order to protect her family, she must do what she has to do.

Soon, Riley realizes that the job comes with many secrets and much danger; which is a risk she is going to have to take.

Riley finds out her husband didn't cheat on her with the woman from his past, but learns something new about his addiction to painkillers.