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10 commandments dating song

Often, the things we have become accustomed to are not healthy which is why many get divorced in the first place.

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You can only plan for as long as you have been dating.On those days, no matter what the issue, simply repeat this mantra "This is one of the fifteen." Just saying it makes you take stock in whatever is bothering you about your partner and whether it is a big deal.Commandment 11 Have the discussion of when it's appropriate to turn off those hook-up apps.A regular schedule of what needs to be cleaned when you are sharing each other's space, and who will do it, helps eliminate tension.If at all possible, eliminate the issue by hiring someone to clean. Sometimes your money is his money If you are of the same economic class, then you should share the responsibility for meals, movies and events that you attend together, or simply alternate paying.When applied to your new dating life, you will see that it can lead to a relationship that is healthy and sexually satisfying.

Commandment #1 Thou Shalt Not Let Anything Fester Easier said than done but absolutely critical.

You may hate hearing Lady Gaga for the 10,000th time, but changing the radio station or CD without asking will likely cause trouble. No U-haul before the long haul You must have spent a minimum of 120 overnights together before you consider moving in.

No farting in each other's presence for the first year. That means you need to wait over a year if you are spending two nights per week together. If you break this commandment, plan on renting another U-Haul to move out. Two weeks you'll hate Once you have been dating or in a relationship for over a year, you'll come to realize that you may love your partner 350 days a year; it's the other fifteen days that you need to worry about.

Did you move in too quickly, take an extended vacation too early, or put too much pressure on your date by planning three years ahead?

Follow my dating commandments and you will have a nice long term relationship, may be even the final one.

Part of this commandment is my very strong recommendation for couples to go a couple's counselor as soon as they become exclusive before any problems arise to establish a foundation and trust with their counselor.