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Adult dating platinum scripts

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] IMPORTANT; We have been Bombarded with Requests for all the MARVEL and DC Comics Red-Hot FILM / MOVIE Related KEY Issues; *** Thus ALL prices are Subject to Chance without Notice (but mainly & especially applies to Comics & Items that Skyrocket in Value Overnight on e Bay); *** We Reserve the Right to DECLINE a Purchase Request at OLD Prices Listed on our Website, whenever we deem it Warranted; *** We also reserve the Right to LIMIT the Purchase to ONE Copy of any RED HOT items, whenever Warranted; ACE DOUBLES (Vintage 2-Sided Mass Market Paperbacks; 1952 thru 1960; D-Series, and F, G, H, K, M & 441, 020 Series; SF, Mystery, Western & Misc Fiction)= For Sale HTML ACG (American Comics Group; 1940's thru 1960's) Vintage COMICS/ For Sale ]; HTML AIRCRAFT & AVIATION Magazines 1920's to 2000 (Aerial Warfare, Airplanes, Bombers, Defense, Fighters, Flight, Flying, Jets, Military, Missles, Pilots, Planes, RAF, RCAF, USAF) - For Sale HTML ALTERNATIVE /INDEPENDANT COMICS 1970's thru 2009 [ A , AC, Ace, Acclaim, Aadrvark-Vanheim, ACG , Adventure, Aircel, Amazing, Americomics, Antarctic Press, Armada, Apple, Awesome, Berkley, Blackout, Blackthorne, Boneyard, Bongo, Brainstorm, Broadway, Caliber, Capital, Chaos, CFD/Cry for Dawn, Cliffhanger, COMICO, Conquest, Continuity, Crossgen, Crusade, DARK HORSE, Defiant, Dynamic Forces, Eclipse, Eros, Eternity, Extreme, Event, Fantagraphics, Fictioneer, FIRST, Fleetway, Gladstone, Grearter Mercury, Hamilton, Harrier, Harris, Hero Graphics, High Impact, Homage, IMAGE, Immortelle, Innovation, Jademan, Kitchen Sink, Last Gasp, Lightning, London Night, MALIBU, Maximum Press, Millennium, Mirage, New Engalnd, Night Wynd, Now, Oni, Pacific, Parody Press, Pioneer, Quality, Rebel, Renegade, Rip Off Press, Russ Cochran, Sal Q/Sal Quartuccio, Silverwolf, Slave Labor, Solson, Spoof, Steeldragon, Tekno, Tome, Top Cow, Topps, TSR, Tundra, VALIANT, Viz, Vortex, Warp Graphics, Wildstorm , Wizard Limited editions & MANY other MISC publishers ]; For Sale HTML ARMED SERVICES (Editions for the..); (Oblong Mass Market Paperbacks, distributed to Soldiers in the Post-WW2 American Armed Forces) For Sale HTML Anthropology, People & Places, Non-Fiction Paperback For Sale [People, Cities & Countries of the World; Civilization, Atlas, Culture, Travel, Tourism, Society]; HTML ANTHOLOGY DIGEST Magazines; [CORONET Digest Magazine 1930's-1960's; READER' S DIGEST Magazines 1922-Present]; For Sale HTML ARCHIE COMICS PUB (1940's thru 2010 ; Includes Red Circle, Katy Keene COMICS )For Sale HTML ASTRONOMY & SPACE EXPLORATION Mass Market Paperbacks;(Black Holes, Comets, Einstein, Planets, Science, Space Travel, Stars, the Universe) For Sale; HTML ATARI 2600 & 5200 (1978-1988) COLECO – Coleco Vision (1982-1986) INTELLIVISION (1979-1989) VIDEO GAME System Cartridges PRICE LIST of IN-STOCK & For Sale HTML ATLAS/Timely/Marvel (1940's thru 1962 - Vintage COMICS) For Sale HTML ATLAS / SEABOARD (1975 Comics & Magazines) For Sale HTML Ballantine "Adult Fantasy" Series (1970's Mass Market PAPERBACKS) For Sale HTML BECKETT SPORTS MAGAZINES (Baseball, Basketball, Collectibles & Autographs, Football, Future Stars, Hockey, Racing = Sports Card Related Price Guides) For Sale HTML BETTIE (or BETTY) PAGE -- Collectibles in stock (Comics, Magazines, Cards, etc) For Sale HTML Big Little Books, BLB's, Better Little Books,and similar format books (1930's thru 2000 ; WHITMAN, Modern, Moby Books, etc.)In Stock HTML BIOGRAPHY, Autobiography & Related (Mass Market PAPERBACKS, HARDCOVER & Trade Paperback Books) For Sale HTML Biology, Ecology, Environment, Nature, Nuclear, Zoology Related Paperback Books for sale HTML BLOWOUT Comics SALE; comics OVERSTOCK clearance SETS & Starter Sets (Marvel, DC & MISC) For Sale HTML Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, Cubs & Related (Handbooks, Guides, Jamboree's, Leaders, Rally's, Scoutmasters, Song Books, Tests & Troops = NON-FICTION and Fiction) For Sale HTML BUSINESS and FINANCE - Mass Market Paperbacks ( Money, Power, Jobs, Economy & Economics, Success, Management, Salesmen, Stock Market, Entrepreneur, Careers, Investments, Monetary Crisis, Marketing, Strategy, Ethics, Profits, Benefits, Fraud, Inflation, Recession, Taxes, Insurance, Automation, Executives, Analysis, Productivity, Capitalism, Wages, Wealth, Traders, Wall Street, Banks, Currency, Corporations, Buying & Selling, Consumers, etc ) For Sale HTML CANADIAN COMICS = (Vintage 1940-1960) For Sale HTML CANADIAN Vintage Mass Market Paperbacks (1940's-1950's; Publishers = Crow, Derby, News Stand Library, Pony); HTML CAPTAIN CANUCK (1975-2010 Canadian Comics & Related Items) For Sale - Price List HTML CAR toons (Petersen Pub) / Pete Millar's DRAG Cartoons (Millar Pub) / HOT ROD CARtoons (Petersen) = Comic Magazines For Sale HTML CAR / AUTOMOBILE, HOT ROD, TRUCK, CAR RACING, VAN & Misc VEHICLE Magazines (Also includes; Dealership Promo/Promotional Pamphlets & related items) For Sale HTML CARTOON and COMIC - (Vintage Mass Market PAPERBACKS; Andy Capp, Archie, B.

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HORROR (Stanley, Eerie Pub., etc) Vintage 1960's-1980's Comic Magazines For Sale HTML WESTERN COMICS - (MISC.In the 1960s comics that were over five years old were so scarce you couldn’t find them. The National Film Board even did a biography of me and my comics, and added some cartoons.That’s why I started buying back issues through mail order. It was called[1981], because in the late ‘70s I’d gotten my first million comics.By 1970, ’71, I was already selling back issues through mail order. Per capita, it was probably the number one comic city in Canada for 30 to 40 years.I’d read all my comics cover-to-cover and was always looking at the ads, so I started ordering back issues over the mail to get all the older stuff. And then I just started using “Comic World” rather than “KK”. Back then I was doing newspaper articles, TV and radio would get ahold of me and then people would get ahold of me.(Rest in 3-6 Payments within 90 days) Held maximum 10 days without deposit PLEASE LIST ALTERNATES if possible (different comics, OR different condition of same comics STATE Send highest available grade & then state lowest grade you will accept OR state send lowest grade/cheapest copy available etc.

MULTIPLE Conditions available, we MAY sell out of the one condition you order.

Related items [1930's-1970's - Vintage Comics] For Sale HTML GOLD KEY COMICS (Including Whitman; NON Walt Disney - Vintage 1962-1980's) COMICS For Sale HTML GOLF Magazines (Golf Magazine, Golf Digest & other assorted titles) For Sale For Sale HTML HARDCOVER and TRADE PAPERBACK BOOKS; Assorted FICTION - (General Fiction, Epic's, Drama, Classic's, Historical Fiction, Love & Romance, Literature, Western, Adult Sexy, Comedy & Humor, TV, Movie, and MORE); For Sale HTML HARLEQUIN (#1-2000 Vintage Mass Market Paperbacks; 1949 - 1977) For Sale HTML HARVEY Vintage COMICS (Richie Rich, Casper, Sad Sack, etc.; 1950's thru 1990's) For Sale HTML HEALTH and FITNESS Mass Market Paperbacks; (A) EXERCISE; (B) DIETING; (C) HEALTH & NUTRITION; For Sale HTML HEAVY METAL (Adult Comic Magazines 1977-2000 ) For Sale HTML HIGH GRADE Comics, KEY Issues, Investment Quality, & Manitoba Collection COMICS - A thru C "Investment Quality" ("Raw" & Un-Slabbed) Comics & Related items = FOR SALE HTML HIGH GRADE Comics, KEY Issues, Investment Quality, & Manitoba Collection COMICS - D thru F "Investment Quality" ("Raw" & Un-Slabbed) Comics & Related items = FOR SALE HTML HIGH GRADE Comics, KEY Issues, Investment Quality, & Manitoba Collection COMICS G thru L "Investment Quality" ("Raw" & Un-Slabbed) Comics & Related items = FOR SALE HTML HIGH GRADE Comics, KEY Issues, Investment Quality, & Manitoba Collection COMICS - M thru R "Investment Quality" ("Raw" & Un-Slabbed) Comics & Related items = FOR SALE HTML HIGH GRADE Comics, KEY Issues, Investment Quality, & Manitoba Collection COMICS - S thru T "Investment Quality" ("Raw" & Un-Slabbed) Comics & Related items = FOR SALE HTML HIGH GRADE Comics, KEY Issues, Investment Quality, & Manitoba Collection COMICS - U thru Z "Investment Quality" ("Raw" & Un-Slabbed) Comics & Related items = FOR SALE HTML HIGH TIMES (and Related; Marijuana & Drugs) MAGAZINES For Sale HTML HISTORICAL FICTION Mass Market Paperbacks For Sale; [Africa, America, British Empire, Canada, China, Civil War, Crusades, Dark Ages, Egypt, France, Indian/Aboriginal, India, Japan, Medieval, Middle Ages, Napoleonic, Orient, Pirates, Regency, Roman Empire, Royalty, Russia, Scotland, Slavery, Spain, Victorian, Vikings, etc]; HTML HISTORY and ARCHAEOLOGY -- Mass Market Paperbacks INVENTORY - [ World History & Related including; Politics, War, Science, Technology, Peoples, Cultures, Countries, Economics, Prehistory, Religions, Literature, Arts, Rise & Declines, Civilizations, Progress, Society, Mythology, Scholars, Governments, Ancient thru Modern, Prehistoric, Middle Ages, Medieval, Exploration, Revolutions, Essays, Geology, Folklore, Genealogy --- Archaeology with Greece, Rome, Egypt, Ancient Lands, Far East, Pyramids, Pharaohs, Antiquity, & More]; For Sale HTML HORROR and Science Fiction COMICS (Misc.

Vintage 1940's & 1950's Comics) For Sale HTML IW Pub. COMICS - (1958-1964 - Vintage COMICS) For Sale HTML JOKE BOOKS (Non-Cartoon; Humor, Boners, Riddles, Puns, etc)Mass Market PAPERBACKS For Sale HTML JUVENILE DELINQUENCY & DRUGS - Vintage Mass Market Paperbacks (BAD Girls & Boys; Teenagers; Reform School; Beat Generation; Gangs; Runaways; Narcotics; Marijuana; Hemp; Hashish; Addicts; LSD; Weed; Heroin; Needles; Junkie's; Cocaine) For Sale HTML KING, SKYWALD (color comics), TOP/KK(1967; variants of Gold Key), & TOWER (Thunder Agents, Tippy Teen etc)- [Vintage Comics] For Sale HTML LOOK Magazine (1937-1971; Cowles Media Pub; Oversized 11" x 14" General Interest Magazine published in Des Moines, Iowa Articles, Photo's, News, Celebrities, Fiction, Politics, TV, Movies, People & Places; Stanley Kubrick was a staff photographer); FOR SALE HTML LOVE & ROMANCE COMICS - (Vintage 1940's-1950's COMICS) For Sale HTML LOVE & ROMANCE Mass Market PAPERBACKS; (Standard, Historical, Series, Harlequin, Non-Series, Gothic etc.) HTML MAD magazine(1953 thru 2010 ; Parody, Satire, Humor, Spoof Comics - Magazines, Paperbacks & Related Items For Sale HTML Market Reports (for the Annual Overstreet Comic Book Price Guide's) by Douglas W.

& Assorted Quest & Game Books) For Sale HTML ROMANCE, LOVE & Confessions MAGAZINES (1940's thru 1990's; TRUE Stories, Non-Fiction & Fiction; Photo's, Articles, Stories & illustrations; USA & Canada; ** Published by; Charlton, Countrywide, Crestwood, Dell, Emtee, Fawcett, Hillman, Marvel, Mac Fadden, Standard, Stanley) For Sale HTML SATURDAY EVENING POST Magazine - (1930's-1960's; Large Oversized Magazines) For Sale HTML SCANDAL Magazines - MINI News & Exploitation = Mini Pocket Size Magazines (1950's; TV & Movie Stars, Personalities, Entertainment, NEWS, Current Events, etc; Loaded with vintage Photo's & Articles) For Sale HTML SCIENCE Mass Market PAPERBACK Books (1940's thru 1990's; Includes; Chemistry, Physics, Scientists etc) In Stock & For Sale HTML SCIENCE FICTION, Fantasy & HORROR MAGAZINES & Fanzines (1950's-2005 ; Fiction, & TV - Movie Related) For Sale HTML SCIENCE FICTION, FANTASY and HORROR (Mass Market PAPERBACKS, DIGESTS, Hardcovers & Trade Paperbacks; Vintage 1940's thru 2000 ) For Sale HTML SELF HELP - Mass Market Paperbacks ( Improve Yourself, Personal Growth, Marriage, Popularity, Assertivness, Aggression, Personal Power, Tests, Self Analysis, Happiness, Intimacy, Transitions, Hypnosis, Nerves, Stress, Confidence, Guides, Self Respect & Esteem, Memory, Feedback, Compulsion, Creativity, Jobs, Living, Succcess, Thinking, Disciplines, Body Language, Depression, Meditation, Improve Health, Speaking, Attitude, Behavior, Personality, Alcoholism, Live Longer ) For Sale HTML SEX - ADULT DIGEST Magazines [ (A) Adult CARTOON DIGEST Magazines and (B) ADULT DIGEST Magazines including Penhouse Forum, etc.

] For Sale HTML SEX - ADULT Related Magazines (Vintage 1950's thru Modern 2010 Mags; NON-Playboy/Penthouse Titles; GIRLIE Mags, SKIN Mags, Nudity, Adult Film Mags, Homosexual, Gay, Lesbian, Big Breasts; Including; Adam, Advocate, Celebrity Skin, Cheri, Chic, Club, Dude, Gallery, Genesis, Gent, High Society, Hustler, Mayfair, Mr., Nudist, OUI, Out magazine, Playgirl, Rogue, Stag, Swank, Transformation, Velvet & MANY more) For Sale -HTML SEX - ADULT Mass Market Paperbacks INVENTORY; SLEEZE / ADULT Mass Market Paperbacks (vintage novels, Sexy Fiction, Sex related Non-Fiction; GGA = Good Girl Art covers on many; Erotic, Seduction, Bad Girls, Hetrosexual, Bi-Sexual, Homosexual, Lesbian, Gay, Lust, Prostitution, Adultery, Mistress, Stud, Orgy, Nymphomaniac, Swapping, Sensual, Exoteric, etc; Mostly 1950's thru 1970's) in Stock HTML SKATEBOARDING Magazines 1987-2004; CONCRETE POWDER /Concrete Skateboarding; POWEREDGE; SBC SKATEBOARD; SKATEBOARDER THRASHER; Trans World SKATEboarding - TWS) For Sale HTML SKYWALD B&W Comic Magazines (Nightmare, Psycho, Scream, etc)-and- Squarebound COLOR Comics (Western, Jungle, Heap, etc)For Sale HTML SOCIOLOGY - Mass Market Paperbacks ( Society, Culture, Community, Civilization, Population, Origins, Growth, Peoples, Countries of the World, Elite & Poverty, Revolution, Cults, Humanity, Therapy, Urban Problems, Behavior, etc) For Sale HTML Soda Pop Bottles – Vintage Painted Labels (mostly 1930's to 1960's) for Sale; HTML SPORTS - DIGESTS, MEDIA GUIDE' S, OFFICIAL ANNUAL' S, TEAM YEARBOOK' S, Who's Who and TRADE PAPERBACKS;(Major League BASEBALL, BASKETBALL, CFL & NFL FOOTBALL, SOCCER, NHL & WHA HOCKEY; Assorted Sports = Auto Racing, Boxing, Martial Arts, Wrestling; SPORTS MISC) For Sale; HTML SPORTS ILLUSTRATED MAGAZINES 1954 thru 2000 FOR SALE; HTML SPORTS MAGAZINES (1940's thru 2000 ; Baseball, NBA Basketball, NFL & CFL Football, NHL HOCKEY, Mixed Sports magazines, MISC Sports mags) FOR SALE; HTML SPORTS - Mass Market Paperbacks (1950's thru 2000 ; Baseball, Basketball, Boxing & Martial Arts, Football - NFL & CFL, Golf, Hockey; Professional & Amateur; Biography & Autobiography; Trivia, Records, Handbooks ) For Sale HTML STAR WARS and STAR TREK Mass Market Paperbacks (Original Crew, TV, Movies.

CONDITION: Contrary to POPULAR belief, I estimate that the AVERAGE EXISTING condition for Bronze Age comics is (A) FINE for superhero titles (B) VERY GOOD for NON-superhero titles and for superhero reprint titles Most VF copies are VERY NICE, ABOVE AVERAGE.