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Controversial issue interracial dating

Certain racial groups are prone to particular types of disease.Those of black African descent are more likely to suffer from sickle cell anaemia.

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In the early days white slave owners covertly broke the very laws they passed by raping their slaves, and those found out who couldn’t buy their way out of it were banished from the colonies.

The more symmetrical tend to possess a higher level of heterozygosity and have a more diverse genome, which is beneficial when it comes to disease.

If your two copies of genes relating to genetic disease are the same, then you’ll suffer from that disease, yet when they’re different you’ll have a smaller chance of developing it.

Despite being predators, they struggle to survive for their fur is more visible in the snowy Arctic, under the cover of woods, and out in the open near streams as they’re easily spotted by other predators, prey and competitors.

Any benefits hybrid vigour offers them are wiped out by the handicap of their conspicuous appearance.

You know many more mixed race individuals than you think.