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Step brothers and sisters dating

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But things were very different for the brother and sister who wed last week.

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Back then James’s mother ‘Carmel’ was on what she no doubt believed to be an inauspicious night out with pals.It is illegal for siblings to wed, and to protect themselves they have adopted the names of ‘James’ and ‘Maura’.For everybody present at last week’s ceremony it was a poignant occasion.How they met is a solitary tale of the devastating impact of lies.They grew up in separate towns about 100 miles apart and they met by chance during a night out socialising in a town neither of them is from.Of course, their wedding day had to be kept as a somewhat low-key affair.

There was no church, no function and no amusing tales of how the lovers’ paths crossed.

But nevertheless, the couple are totally convinced they did the right thing, and they hope that by marrying they will secure the happy-ever-after ending that they yearn for.

Looking stunning in her ivory wedding gown, a heavily pregnant Maura told the Mo S: ‘It was a bit difficult and it was a very different day to the wedding day I would have thought that I’d have had since I was a girl.‘I would have liked to have the big celebration and the whole church ceremony but it was fine.‘We had our family and friends there and we had a good time.

Their wedding day should have been a joyous occasion, where the happy couple announced their undying love for one another to the world.

Friends and family should have packed into the local church and photographers should have taken beautiful pictures for their local paper.

At one stage during what was the briefest of ceremonies, James and Maura’s father became so overcome with emotion that he had to absent himself from the proceedings.