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Also, you have to balance being impressive enough to command respect and unobtrusive enough not to fuck up the conversations.

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Wonderwomen with tits like artillery shells, virginal Lois Lanes – they all seemed entirely geared towards men and their desires, masquerading as action comic heroines.The packaging was sleek, and Jive was nestled inside – a rounded g-spot vibrator with a thin strip of silicone meant to be left outside the body so you can tug the toy out again. I knew, then, that reading Sensation would challenge me – this is not a book that was going to tell me what’s hot about being whipped, and why it’s fine to have one night stands with people you feel little to no connection with. Isabel Losada’s delving into the relation between sex and spirituality, her focus on slow, purposeful exploration, and her self-professed, charming fascination with human happiness, all have me holding Sensation as if it’s a bomb about to go off. The psychological thriller tells the story of red flags in a relationship that, when left untamed, become the poison that eventually kills it.Coloured a light, calming blue, it is one of the least intimidating sex toys I have ever seen. Some things are better abandoned before they really Danielle Schloss / 11th January 2018 Her body wobbles next to mine as I lie, awake in the dark, pondering the miracle of my being here with her.Her thunderous breathing regulates my thoughts, the heavy intake and expiration of breath like a train crashing through the night.I am like them, but my balance is fragile and my body is now weary.

It is the winter of my life and she lies beside me, the most unlikely mound of flesh I have ever considered and the one I love most.

But that is a slippery-ass slope down the Valley of Doom when we bring that attitude into our close relationships.

by Erotic Towers Review Team / 12th January 2018 My eagerness to find out what Jive – We-Vibe’s new sex toy – was all about, led me to whipping out the box in Five Guys, to the horror/delight of my sister.

In a classy eatery with a decent piano, I was guaranteed at least one square meal a day and time out mornings and afternoons to give music lessons or stay in bed. It had enough tourists and well-heeled locals to support a clientele year round.

Read More » by Karin Jones / 3rd February 2018 Every time I got an uneasy feeling listening to a man’s voice on the phone, the date was a bust.

That’s not to say the ones who sounded lovely were always winners, but at least I didn't waste my time with a man who made me feel like pulling out my own ears.