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In 1832, the congregation had a serious split over doctrinal issues that took years to resolve.Some members felt that Marshall was too taken by the new ideas of Rev. Marshall and more than 2,600 members left to found a congregation that kept the name of First African Baptist.

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Galphin was also one of the founders of the Silver Bluff Baptist Church. In 1822, the First Colored Baptist Church and the Second Colored Baptist Church recombined and became the First African Baptist Church.Leile and his family sailed with the British for freedom to Jamaica.David George and his family went with Loyalists to Nova Scotia.After the Revolutionary War started, in 1778 Leile made his way to the British-occupied city of Savannah, to ensure his security behind British lines.The British had offered freedom to slaves who escaped their rebel masters.As the Georgia Baptist association grew, there was competition among congregations to claim lines to founding core members and be declared the first church in the state.

In 1888 at the Georgia Convention, claims were examined as to primacy of First African Baptist of Savannah and the First Bryan Baptist Church.

He continued to preach and organize other slaves in the Savannah area despite persecution from local Episcopal authorities.

He called people together as the church's first pastor.

The current sanctuary facility is located in Savannah, Georgia in the Savannah Historic District on Franklin Square and was built in the 1850s (completed in 1859) by both free African Americans and slaves.

The builders made the bricks and built the church after the slaves had labored in the fields all day.

Bryan became a preacher and leader in the congregation.