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Sccm 2016 device collections not updating

So create collection as your needs and deploy the application to the collection.Each System Center Configuration Manager discovery method can find different devices on your network or devices and users from your Active Directory.

when you are done with application distribution ,its time to deploy application to category: Device Condition: Operating System One of the Operating system: 32bit of server 2008 and others if you need.Click Ok we need to add one more rule for model ,so click on Add again Select Category : Custom Condition : Computer Model Operator: Equals Value: VMware Virtual Platform These requirement rules use AND operator .To efficiently use a discovery method you should understand its available configurations and limitations.Unlike other Active Directory discovery methods, Active Directory Forest Discovery does not discover resources that you can manage.This is because this method creates a full DDR for groups, but only a limited DDR for computers and users that are members of groups.

When you configure a discovery scope, select only the groups that you must discover.

In this blog post, we will see ,how to create VMware tools application for 32bit ,64bit with detection logic and requirements to install only on computers with model ‘VMware Virtual Platform‘. It will help us to skip if the deploying version or greater already exist ,if not,install the tools.

Click On add Clause Fill the content as per below screenshot.

This discovery method is intended to identify groups and the group relationships of members of groups. If you want to also find the membership of distribution groups you must select the checkbox for the option Active Directory Group Discovery does not support the extended Active Directory attributes that can be identified by using Active Directory System Discovery or Active Directory User Discovery.

Because this discovery method is not optimized to discover computer and user resources, consider running this discovery method after you have run Active Directory System Discovery and Active Directory User Discovery.

If you go with package ,you will loose the control of deploying the vmware tools only on computers with model vmware virtual platform (unless you create collections separately) and check if the required tools already installed and many other things. Installation Program: /S /v" /qn REBOOT=R" It will install silently without reboot .