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Go to the other application, tap and hold in the input box, and then use Paste. If you want a quick and easy way to mute the sound, all you need to do is hold down the volume down button for 2 seconds.As if Dropbox wasn’t useful enough, now you can use it to add PDF’s to i Books on your i Pad (or i Phone/i Pod Touch) How to add PDF files to i Books using Dropbox You’re probably used to clearing this kind of data right from within the browser.

How to Maximize Battery Life on Your i Pad, i Phone, or i Pod Touch If you upgraded to the latest i OS release on your i Pad, only to figure out that the screen orientation lock doesn’t work anymore, here’s how to lock the screen using the new, annoying method.How to add PDF files to read in i Books on your i Pad e Pub is the format that i Books are in.So for those of you with large e Book collections in PDF, here’s how you convert them to read in i Books.Thankfully it’s easy to disable with a couple of taps.How to disable the “clicking sound” on your i Pad’s keyboard Just tap and hold the icon, and you’ll be able to move it around to a different spot.Not so with Safari on the i Pad – but here’s how you can.

How to clear the cache, history and cookies in Safari for i Pad The i Pad has four icons in its ‘dock’. How to add more Apps to your i Pad Dock Step by step instructions on how to add PDF files to i Books so that you can read them on the go.

How to convert PDF files to e Pub files to read on your i Pad with i Books Has an app caused your i Pad to freeze up, and you can’t escape? How to force your i Pad to restart Instead of typing a period at the end of each sentence, just double-tap the space bar. The same trick works on the i Phone, and even Android devices.

Exporting Keynote presentations from your i Pad to your Mac or PC isn’t as straight forward as you might have expected. How to export Keynote for i Pad presentations to your Mac or PC Having trouble getting your presentations onto your i Pad?

How to lock your i Pad Does everyone need to know you just sent that email from your i Pad? This guide shows you how to remove the “Sent from my i Pad” signature and replace it with your own (or none).

How to remove the “Sent from my i Pad” signature from outgoing email on your i Pad Over at Gizmodo, Rosa shows you how to make your i Phone work like a wireless camera for your i Pad.

Thankfully, all you need to do is tap the title bar at the top of the screen, and you’ll scroll back up to the top.