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Vanessa simmons dating mike wayans 2016

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At first, she launched a very sexy collection and called it "Rose by Vanessa Jean".But that was only the beginning, since now her collection contains not only one but three lines that are called “Vintage Chic”, “Naughty Lil’ Princess” and “Rock Your Sexy”.

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And when that cute little baby was conceived, the reason of her anxiety became clear, since her father, apart from being extremely happy with his granddaughter, he still wishes that Vanessa and Mike were married.Mike was the son of Damon, the famous actor and comedian. The couple have been dating and enjoying a great steady relationship.Not so long after that, Vanessa declared that she was pregnant for the first time and that she and her boyfriend Mike were excitedly waiting for their first baby to be born. Her father, known as Rev Run, is a rap icon and the co-founder of the Run-DMC group. She was born on August 5th, 1983, in the United States. She is the daughter of Valerie Vaughn and Joseph Simmons.Though the first-time mom-to-be was ecstatic about the news, there was one person she was afraid to tell — her dad! Run, and has often spoken out about his faith when the family starred in the MTV series from 2005 to 2009.

"I was so nervous telling my dad at first being that I'm not married YET but he was very excited and is supportive 100 percent.

This was the first grandchild in Vanessa's family, so there eagerness to meet her and shower her with their love can't be imagined.

Vanessa and Mike had a great baby shower at the Sugar Factory to celebrate Vanessa’s pregnancy.

Sadly, in 2009, the show was cancelled, but happily to Vanessa, she moved on to being a film actress she starred in many things such as “Dysfunctional Friends”, “Boogie Town”, etc.

It all goes on until her recent appearance in the web series “Mixed”.

Expectations say that after the Simons sisters' great success with their footwear business, their lingerie line might actually be a big hit.