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Rules for dating meredith

(Status: Complete) Meredith disappeared and left Derek a dark, broken man.

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Who will she turn to for help, and just how long of a recovery is she in for.(Status: Complete) Are there such things as vampires?You might be tempted to believe it if they show up as sexy & sinful looking as Derek Shepherd.When someone new comes into his life, will it help or hurt? Years later a Jane Doe shows up in the ER and Richard is missing an intern. showtopic=1102&st=0 Mer Der Meredith Grey, defense attorney.When she wakes up they discover her identity, the same little girl but grown up. Derek Shepherd, witness for the prosecution, son of the victim. showtopic=1080 Mer Der Strong-willed Meredith Grey from NY becomes the new Chief of Surgery at Seattle Grace, snatching the post from under Dr. Will she be able to work in the new not-so-friendly environment and find love in the process? showtopic=190&st=0 Meredith and Derek are happily engaged, working at SGH.When Meredith is stood up in his restaurant, it’s providence. showtopic=71&st=0 Meredith and Derek broke each other 12 years before and never saw each other again. Grave Dancer: (Status: In Progress) Mcboard/index.php? Everyone is counting on Meredith to bring him back, but she has to find him first. (Status: In Progress) Meredith meets a boy in Vegas and brings him home to Seattle.

showtopic=1047&st=0 Derek is working at a marketing consulting firm, on his way to making partner when Meredith Grey swoops in and takes it out from under his nose. showtopic=1919 Meredith is married to the DA and is a lawyer. Sometimes fatal attractions cannot be ignored.(Status: In Progress) Meredith asked Derek to Pick her, choose her, and love her. (Status: In Progress) Meredith is done with Derek, but when someone starts to target her, she lets him back in, unaware that letting him back in… (Status: Un-Updated) A fight, an unexpected stop, and a hostage situation. The trials and tribulations of bringing back boys from Vegas.

What can you do with a love that finds you in an unexpected time and place? When something affects one of them to the point of near death, will they survive? showtopic=11 Meredith and Derek’s sister Sophie have been best friends forever.

When Sophie and Mer decide to share a house with Derek and his friends…sparks fly. showtopic=3 Derek is broken from his failed marriage and he’s Seattle’s best chef and Meredith is a surgeon. Im Always Sorry in the Morning: (Status: Complete) A little bit of a different take on 5×18 Stand By Me.

Full of deceit, lies, love, and even a dangerous stranger.

Lizzie9: (Status: Complete) A month or so after Meredith’s near death experience, tragedy strikes Seattle Grace again in the form of a robbery gone wrong. Nine lives hang in the balance as they wait to live, die, or just get blown up.

(Status: Un-Updated) Derek Shepherd rushes back to Seattle to stop his true love from making a huge mistake.